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DD (10wks) waking all through the night

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bessie26 Fri 01-Jul-11 22:32:01

For a week or two, DD2 has been just waking once in the night for a feed (ebf) around 2am <yay!> but 2 days ago this suddenly stopped & the longest she has slept since then has been 1.5hrs!

Help! What's happened?!

Once I pick her up, she stops crying fairly quickly & I can usually have her back in bed in under 30mins.

She's still in her Moses basket (was hoping to move her into her cot this weekend), and is swaddled (planning to stop that once she's happy in her cot). During the day she wants a feed roughly every 3hrs.

I think she might have a bit of reflux, (I have to keep her upright after feeds for about 20mins) & I sometimes find it difficult to get all the burps out of her (am using infacol before evening/night feeds, although am not totally convinced it does any good)

I've been feeding her roughly every 3hrs during the night, just incase hunger is the problem.

Does anyone have any other ideas/advice?

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