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Is there a 9 months regression?

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DialMforMummy Thu 30-Jun-11 11:55:17

Or growth spurt?
My LO was doing so well, settling himself to sleep and sleeping through to 6.30ish. And then out of nowhere, he started waking up again around 3/4am and yesterday had a good old cry before falling asleep.
I am pretty sure he was not particularly hungry when he woke up at 3.30 last night (he had a dream feed at 11pm and eats well during the day).
I was just wondering if other people experienced something similar.

bacon Thu 30-Jun-11 12:49:36

Fairly typical - makes me laugh everything seems to be a growth spurt with any changes in routine! I find that these sudden awakens happen out of the blue but usually after a few nights they settle down again.

DS2 was a nightmare but we stuck to our guns. We just ignored it (after checking all was well). DS2 is now over 2yrs he'll have a winge for no reason too.

Just be careful as to start picking them up as as soon as they realise its affection time you've started a nasty habit.

DialMforMummy Thu 30-Jun-11 16:58:17

Thank you Bacon. I am doing it your way: check he's ok then ignore.

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