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moving room straight to bed or leave him in cot???

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AnnamariaHun Thu 30-Jun-11 09:40:57

hi everyone
just wanted to get some advice
ds2 is here in 10wks ds1 is 21 month.
We are moving him into another room and as we need the cot for when ds2 is here, he will be going into a big boy bed.
we are moving him this weekend but im not sure if first i should just move the cot into the new room and let him sleep in there while he's getting used to the new room and then intoduce the bed or just do it all at once???
i don't want him to get overwhelmed by all the changes.

Any advice is appreciated
thank you

RuthChan Thu 30-Jun-11 19:03:41

Personally, I would change things one at a time.
I would put the cot into the new room and let him get used to sleeping there before changing the bed.
You won't need to leave it long between the two, just until he seems settled.

dietcokeandwine Thu 30-Jun-11 20:59:19

Make the room change asap, but leave him in a cot for as long as possible and as near to age 3 as you can to be honest - beg borrow or steal another cot for DS2 if you have to - personally I wouldn't even attempt to introduce a bed for a child under 2.5 years unless there was a safety issue (i.e. they are climbing out of the cot).

Often making the move any earlier is just too young and although some children do make the transition happily, an awful lot more don't and parents end up dealing with a raft of settling/night waking/early waking issues that they never had when the toddler was in a cot. Not what you want with a new baby on the way...I wouldn't even think about a transition to a bed for your toddler until baby is at least six months...

RuthChan Thu 30-Jun-11 21:19:10

That was an interesting point of view, dietcokeandwine.
I had a completely different experience.
I would have advised moving DS1 out of his cot sooner rather than later. That way he could move into a big boy's bed well before the birth and not think he was giving up his cot to his little brother. I don't think there is usually a need to get two cots.

In my case, I moved DD out of her cot at 1.10 years old because DS was about to be born. She had no problems at all moving into a big girl's bed at that age.

I intended to leave DS in the cot of longer because there was no pressure to give it to another baby. In reality though, he was ready to move out by 1.9 years of age. He too made the transition with no real problems.
It took DS longer to learn not to fall out than it had with DD, but in both cases I left the cot mattress on the floor beside their beds to give them a soft landing if necessary.

This, as with so many other points, is very personal and depends very much on the child.
Anna, you know your DS, do what you think will suit him.

AnnamariaHun Fri 01-Jul-11 13:31:09

Thanks for all your comments i think he'll be ok in a big bed just has to get used to it so i'll put in the cot for the first couple of weeks then get his bed in and hopefully 8 wks will be enough for him to get used to it

I'll let you know how it goes

thanks again

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