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Do you sleep better without your husband?

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Bloss Sun 14-Oct-01 09:07:17

Message withdrawn

Alibubbles Sun 14-Oct-01 15:22:05

Get a bigger bed!! After staying at the Savoy, we had never had a better nights sleep so we investigated their beds.
We had a ViSpring bed made to order, it is two 3fts zipped together. You wouldn't know that they are zipped, and it gives about 6'6" width. The difference is tremendous, you can't feel the other person turn over at all, as the mattresses are independantly sprung, they are made with horsehair and have a covering layer of lamb's wool under the mattress cover. They move completely with your body and are very supportive. It cost a fortune, it was scarey spending all that money and not knowing if it would suit us, but we thought well, we sleep on it every night, night after night so it was worth every penny.

My husband was working away for about 18 months on and off, he is now working from home, I sometimes wish that he was away the occasional night as I too find it more restful to sleep on my own, no one else breathing, snoring or f**ting in the bed!
We both get a really good nights sleep now and need less. We aslo wake up naturally instead of needing the alarm. We wake up more refreshed and rested. The only thing is I can't find him to give him a kick when DH starts to snore!

Bells2 Mon 15-Oct-01 06:32:06

We splashed out and got a Vi-sprung 2 years ago(1/2 price in the Selfridges sale). They are extremely expensive but it is the best £1,800 I have ever spent. I can't tell you how it transformed the quality of my sleep let alone my husband's on-going back problem. I would also say go for the biggest bed that you can fit in. The big department stores always seem to put them on sale twice a year.

I think there's a lot to be said Bloss for the idea of a feminine boudoir and a separate, masculine haven for the husband. My parents always had separate bedrooms because my father was a terrible insomniac and more often than not pretty much read through the night. Personally I would resist the urge though, you must inevitably lose a degree of intimacy in the process.

Inky Mon 15-Oct-01 12:14:17

Definitely push for the bigger bed. & spend as much as you can afford - you definitely get what you pay for. Why not suggest the separate rooms, then when he gets upset suggest the expensive giant bed as a compromise?

My husband always used to desturb my sleep with snoring/generally crowding me out & hogging all the room. When we moved I insisted on a bigger bed. It's not an ultra-expensive bed but it was a bit pricey. It is so comfortable & big & wonderful. I sleep so much better. I also wanted the bigger bed so that in the mornings dd could hop in & join us for a cuddle. She never does though - just wants to go down for breakfast & stuff her face!

Robinw Mon 15-Oct-01 18:52:53

message withdrawn

Bugsy Tue 16-Oct-01 08:36:32

Yes, loads! My dh is away most weeks Mon-Fri and I sleep so much better. He is one of those really hot people and an appalling duvet hogger (can't quite work out why when he is always so hot). We splashed out on a really decent bed during my last pregnancy and have appreciated it so much. However, it is 6ft wide and we have both said that when we move to our huge mansion (hmmm!), that we will splash out on the next size up.

Robinw Tue 16-Oct-01 16:34:02

message withdrawn

Ange8 Tue 16-Oct-01 18:10:35

I too sleep better when my partner is away. But, before splashing out on a new bed, you might like to try the solution we found - get two single duvets. We discovered this idea when we stayed with friends in Germany - I don't know if it's common there, or there was some personal reason for the bedding arrangement - I didn't ask! There's no fighting over bedding in the middle of the night, and I find that my partner, who's naturally a snuggler who gravitates over to my side of the bed, gives me a little more space. Because you're in the same bed,you can easily have a cuddle, but I now get a good night's sleep too.

Lizp Tue 16-Oct-01 19:58:45

Another vote for the big vi-spring option for good sleep - we have a 2 metre square vi-spring matress (1/2 price in John lewis sale). both sleep much better - even if the baby and toddler also join us. only problem is finding fitted sheets and turning the matress is quite a job.still I sleep best when I have it all to myself.

Alibubbles Tue 16-Oct-01 21:27:30

Noptes on the Vi Spring - the base comes in two halves and is bolted together, it can be one piece but they reccommend two, likewise the mattress, it is easier and safer to turn two, though they are still heavy!

Fitted sheets, as the matresses are so deep, I get mine from Debenhams, the Sheridan Range, plain 100% cotton and called deep fit. They also do poly cotton if you prefer.

I had a lot of bed linen made, it was really cheap, all 100% egyptian cotton by a firm called the Finishing Touch direct from the mill, I think they were in Derbyshire, I found them in the factory guide and called them. They were so helpful, sending cotton fabric samples, and they delivered quickly. They will make every thing to order, mattress covers too. It is only the same price as JLP or Marks.

Some of you have had good bargains, we've got the one next to the top of the range, Tiara Supreme
I wish we'd bought our bed in the sale, mind you we did get a good price, it was £5700 in John Lewis, but a local firm specialises in Vi Spring but are not allowed to advertise that they undercut. We paid £3000 for our about 18 months ago. It is brilliant!

Pie Wed 17-Oct-01 11:36:31

We only have one bedroom, in it is a Kingsize Ikea bed and a single bed right along side...this arrangement takes up the whole room. Originaly the single bed was meant for the little one...but it is now where my husband sleeps. On those nights that the toddler is at my mums he still sleeps there...I can't sleep otherwise!!! The toddler never fights over space of blankets, she is the perfect sleeping partner. My husband on the other hand....

God knows how we'll fair when we move to a 2 bedroom place!

munchbunch Sun 26-Dec-04 21:35:08

Hi, I know this is a really old thread, but we are now in the market for a bed and spent today trawling through the sales. We were recommended Vi-spring but the prices seem to have gone up just a bit since you all last wrote! Would be interested in anyone who has more recent bed recommendations and, Alibubbles, if you can pass on the name of the shop you bought your bed from if they are still around. Thanks

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