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co-sleeping, how easy will it be to encourage him to sleep alone

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mumramum Tue 28-Jun-11 13:35:10

Hieveryone - this is my first post- advice gratefully received.
when i brought my ds home i was determined not to co-sleep because both me and dh are very heavy sleepers and i was scared i might squash him. initiallty all went well and he would sleep for 2 hours at a time in his moses basket. he then started cluster feeding when he was about 2 weeks old and was feeding from 5pm -5am with only 2 short (20min) breaks and nappy changes(there were lots of those!)to break up the constant feeding. i was exhausted and gave myself a fright when i realised i had dozed with him on the sofa. i decided co-sleeping was lesser of 2 evils and co-slept following safety guidelines. he is now 4 weeks old and the cluster feeding has stopped but we are stillco-sleeping and he will no longer sleep in his moses basket. i feel quite confident that i am always aware of him and don't feel worried about squashing him- in fact i love being close to him and all 3 of us are getting plenty of sleep. however i am concerned that he is now not able to sleep unless he is in bed with me and feeds to sleep or is taken out in his pram. from the books i've read i can't figure out if i am building his confidence/ trust by always being there or if we are making a rod for our backs by not teaching him to sleep in his moses basket- help! i am confused!

beatofthedrum Tue 28-Jun-11 15:46:47

We co-slept with my ds from 3 weeks until 8 weeks as he'd been ill with bronchiolitis and I just wanted to keep him close. I worried a bit too incase he wouldn't go back in his cot, but he just did, once he was a bit bigger and less newborn iykwim. I loved having him so close and tbh the reason I felt I really HAD to persuade him into his cot was because our 3 year old had cottoned on to the idea...she still jumps in most nights now!
I think just enjoy this stage, co-sleeping is so precious when they're tiny and it definitely, definitely won't last forever! You can start 'introducing' him to his bed for playtime with mobile, toys etc so he sees it as a nice place to be. HTH.

mumramum Tue 28-Jun-11 18:34:42

thanks so much- i love the idea of trying to create positive association with moses basket - i think you are right and we should just e joy this stage while it lasts.

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