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A 14 month old, shh-pat, a dead arm and a sleepy rant..

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weltschmerz Tue 28-Jun-11 09:44:33

Just need a rant really as my formerly not-bad sleeper has lately managed to destroy any sort of sleeping pattern. She will often show obvious signs of tiredness but will wake up dramatically in the space of going from the living room to her cot; now she's worked out how to stand up from lying down, she will jump up and run giggling around her cot as soon as I put her down. The one thing that works is lying her down on my bed next to me and snoozing next to her - after much thrashing around she does eventually nod off, and after what seems like hours of 'it's time to sleep now... no, it's not time to play.." I need a lie down more than anything.
Lately she's also been waking in the night, so I change her in the dark, settle her back down again and hope she might sleep - but no. If I leave the room she howls. If I lie down on the floor next to her cot she howls. I tried the shh-pat thing last night which settled her well enough, but the minute I moved from the chair she screamed. I shh-patted for over an hour (have now trapped a nerve in my arm from hanging it over the cot), gave in and brought her into my bed - which resulted in me being kicked for another hour. After waking at 3am last night she finally slept again at 5:30 - for all of 20 minutes before waking at her usual time.
I'm a zombie. There isn't enough coffee in the world to keep me awake. It does get better, doesn't it?

RitaMorgan Tue 28-Jun-11 09:49:43

I would try stopping all the talking, changing, patting etc and just lie her down everytime she stands up. Just keep going until she gives up and goes to sleep. I did this with my ds when he started standing up in his cot and the first night took about an hour until he stopped getting up again and lay quietly and fell asleep - I just kept my hand on his back til he was deeply asleep.

Zimm Tue 28-Jun-11 19:04:50

There is a sleep regression at this age - so with any luck this is just a phase. sounds rubbish though - poor you.

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