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Where does your baby nap? (and sleep safety)

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Clueless79 Fri 24-Jun-11 15:16:39

My baby (8wo) will settle fine in his cot at night - admittedly late when we go up to bed but will go to sleep on his own and sleep for about 6 hours. During the day it's a different story. He'll sleep on me, in his car seat or for a short while in his bouncy chair but protests strongly about anywhere flat or stationary! This means I get nothing done or have to go out. I'm dubious about slings in case he becomes even more 'clingy' but my main concern is that we are led to believe that the only safe sleeping surface is a flat, firm mattress.

This is my first baby and I am already extremely quite paranoid about sleep safety so would really appreciate some common sense, real life perspectives!

PukeyRag Fri 24-Jun-11 17:46:59

Firstly, congratulations on your baby, and welcome to the world of newborns. wink

My DD (nearly 15 weeks) is the same, although the only place she will sleep in the day is her bouncy chair. I've tried her in the moses basket, the pushchair, the carseat, and she's never been fond of any of them. I personally think she's safe there as i'm always in the same room or the room next door and constantly check. In fact, the only time I regret leaving her on her own was when I put her down in the moses basket for ten minutes to get some washing up done and I came back to discover she had thrown up all over herself.
You just have to be careful that they're not too scrunched up - I have a baby bjorn babysitter and that has a sleep setting so it's great.

Slings are perfectly safe, as long as you follow the safety precautions ie. if you have a wrap sling, you have to make sure it doesn't cover their face and their chin isn't pressed against their chest. Newborns are meant to be with/on you 24/7 imo, it's natural and slings don't cause clingyness, they (and co-sleeping) actually create well adjusted, confident children. A baby that is often separated from it's caregiver is a lot more clingy.

I have my DD in my arms as much as I can, and she's already a happy, sociable baby - she just won't sleep anywhere other than on me or in her chair and if i'm honest, I would much rather have it like that than have an unhappy baby.

Of course - some babies don't mind at all, but at 8 weeks I really think he's too small to go anywhere other than on you for a long period of time, so I suggest getting a sling, your life will be so much easier. smile
Sleeping is always a worry, but trust me, right now it's easy, wait until he starts rolling! Just relax, as long as you know about all the safety precautions you and baby will be just fine. (Plus in a sling they are RIGHT THERE, and you've no need to worry)

And remember, right now your one and only job is to look after your baby, nothing more should be expected of you. You're still healing, getting to know your baby and meant to be taking it easy.

(Sorry for the essay!)

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