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Toddlers sharing a room

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Conkertree Wed 22-Jun-11 20:00:37

Well not quite toddlers. Ds1 is 4, and ds2 is 2. Ds2 has been a really good sleeper until recently (still is once asleep) but getting to sleep has been a problem.

Ds1 has pretty bad eczema and has been a bad sleeper since birth. Was in a good pattern of getting to sleep though for a while.

Recently however, every single time they go to bed, (bath, teeth, stories, song, then I go downstairs) they muck about for about an hour and a half until one eventually cries, and they go to sleep, usually with me in the room.

Ds1 has usually climbed into ds2s cot (I know he could be in a big boy bed but for a long time it was working to stop him getting up too early in the morning). I have tried staying in the room, but other than actually hold ds1 down in his bed, I cant see another way to keep him there. They find any attempt by me to keep him in bed as funny. I have tried stickers or other reward chart ideas, but while they work during the day, they dont seem To be that attractive in the evening.

Anybody got any ideas - other than them having their own rooms when we move house?

theotherboleyngirl Wed 22-Jun-11 20:02:54

stagger bed times?

and a reward system for the older one

Conkertree Wed 22-Jun-11 20:05:44

Actually ds1 is 3 but nearly 4. Not that it makes muh difference, but just noticed that was wrong.

Conkertree Wed 22-Jun-11 20:07:53

Yes staggered bed times maybe would be a good idea. My slight problem is that I am running a wee business from home and the plan always was that I would work most evenings, but I find that if they dont sleep till half 8, its pretty hard to get motivated at that stage to work.

Thats my problem though, not theirs, so I guess I need to try something else to stop is habit that has formed. I will give staggered bed times a shot.

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