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Crossing everything

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Fuzzled Wed 22-Jun-11 19:54:39

So, day 2 of my sleep "training" my DS. I've read all the helpful things that people have suggested and am sort of pick 'n' mixing with what I think will work.

Normally DS will only fall asleep on us and it takes us until about 9pm to get him into his cot, but (with a few tears sad) DS is in his cot by 7.30pm and snoring gently after about 15 mins of patting/shushing/singing smile (down from 45 last night) and even napped for 40 minutes in his cot this afternoon.

I'm not being unrealistic and I don't expect him to sleep through, but having an extra couple of hours to do nothing other things is just so brilliant.

Having said that, no doubt he'll be a nightmare tomorrow night grin, but for now, I'm so proud of our wee family!

Fuzzled Thu 23-Jun-11 18:02:00

So... he had a little gurn at about 8.30 - quick pat and down again. Then he slept until 5am! And then DH brought him in to bed for a hug - and he dropped off again until 7.30am!

Oh please... let tonight be the same!

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