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11 week old - sleeping on tummy??

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YogaMummy2B Wed 22-Jun-11 13:33:34

My 11 week old doesn't really nap too easily during the day, however I have just winded her over my knees and she fell asleep so I thought I would try her on her front for a nap and it seems to be going down a treat.
How dangerous is it to let them sleep on their fronts?
I have an angelcare movement monitor below her so it will alert me if she gets into real trouble.
I am currently sitting watching her!
I also have a shorn lambskin under the fitted sheet, which makes the surface a bit bouncy/sinky but not so much as her face is sinking in to it.
Is it dicing with danger to allow her to sleep like this?

YogaMummy2B Wed 22-Jun-11 13:35:59

Oh BTW it's a pocket sprung mattress below.

nowwearefour Wed 22-Jun-11 13:36:45

I did this with both of mine from birth. there are risks but i decided that the other risks for my dds were low enough that the improved sleep was better for all of us. but you must assess your other risk factors, ensure your partner is content and let noone persuade you and make the decision yourself. the data shows that it is more risky.

LittleMilla Wed 22-Jun-11 16:42:07

My 7 week old also sleeps on his front. He can easily lift his head from side to side and finds it easier to settle himlsef in between sleep cycles.

I'd prob remove the sheepskin. Only because suffocation and too hot are the two concerns I believe? my lo isn't pukey that also reassures me a little.

saying that, I'm still always a bit anxious!

YogaMummy2B Wed 22-Jun-11 17:08:01

Mmm... My LO is very Pukey. Perhaps a bad idea.

Bunbaker Wed 22-Jun-11 17:16:53

Could you roll up a blanket to prop your daughter on her side or a sort of recovery position instead?

nowwearefour Wed 22-Jun-11 18:24:55

puke is so much better when on tummy though- when on back it comes out and goes straight back in- choking hazard ime! def take the sheepskin out - but i really wouldnt worry about puke. they can move their heads from side to side and less likely to choke if on tum. i reckon!

Tarlia Wed 22-Jun-11 20:53:48

My now 19 week old was never a daytime napper, he always loved sleeping on his tummy from day 1. In hospital we were told, so long as we are aware of the risks and check on him, it'd be fine. We didnt often let him nap on his tummy, but at 12 weeks, by accident he fell asleep on his tummy (I'd put him down on a quilted blanket to play, nipped to loo and he was asleep on my return) he slept for 2.5 hours, which was a huge achievement. For the next 5 weeks, that's how he napped, on the sittingroom rug, on a quilted blanket (not duvet) so soft but not squishy, now I can put him in his cot on his back and he naps, it's fab, I think he just needed help learning to nap alone durning the day. Now he loves nap time and gets cross and whingy if I do not put him into cot quick enough.

I can't advise you whether or not you should put DD on her tummy, as that is up to you. But I would suggest that if you do, you remove the sheep skin and check on her often.

YogaMummy2B Wed 22-Jun-11 21:49:58

Hubbie not happy with the idea, so have had to shelve the idea. Tarlia I like your idea of trying her on the play mat during the day. That's tomorrows plan.
Thanks all.

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