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3-month-old wakes up when we go to bed!!!!

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Paula30CWR Wed 22-Jun-11 13:30:37

My three-month-old baby boy was originally eating like a new born - every 2 hours - and not sleeping well. Not being a huge fan of baby books, I decided that we could read one that was very recommended - On Becoming Baby Wise. The routine the explained is not very strict (i don't like to apply that to my baby) and it was focused on teaching your baby to sleep. I tried that during the day. The routine was based on feed/waketime/nap, that is, i would feed him every 3 hours and slightly i would extend it to 3.15/3.30 and 4 (we are still stuck at 3.30 or 3). The naps were good (an hour or 45 min)and he would be very happy when he got up.

When we tried to drop his middle of the night feed - having fed him at around 11 when he is sleeping (that is good because they drink asleep), he would still wake up at exactly 2am (3 hours later). So the book suggested "letting him cry out", so we did it and it worked for two nights. He didn't cry, he moaned but it wasn't bad. The third night he started he started moaning and built up to the point he cried inconsolably. So I told my husband: I'm going to feed him, I can't hear him cry like this, it breaks my heart. So he was fine and slept until the morning.

Last Saturday, we moved houses and we left him with my parents-in-law as I thought it would be too much. At night, when we got to the house and tried to make him fall asleep, he wouldn't settle. He would managed and when I put him in his cot, he'd wake up. I thought he must have been tired.
I tried following the routine or bathing at 7 and slightly going to bed for his last feed at 11ish when he's asleep. BUt now, that sleep feed wakes him up and what's more, he wakes up every hour. So, WE ARE BACK TO BASICS!!! What is going on? DO you think he's still stressed since the move? What would you do if you are following a simple routine of bath, food and sleep and then...all of the sudden, he wakes up when we go to bed and he wakes up every hour until 4ish... I'M SOOOOO KNACKERED AND SO IS MY HUSBAND!!! I feel bad because i tell the baby off for not following he would know...poor little thing. I feel bad, but i'm exhausted. All i want is that he manages to sleep so he has a nice day.

Opinions please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think i'm a good mum....I love him more than anything...but what if i'm doing something wrong?

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