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Great daytime sleeper...suddenly no longer great daytime sleeper

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smokesandmirrors Tue 21-Jun-11 14:25:41

Please don't hate me but until recently my 6.5 month DS slept about 1.5 hours in am and then about 2 hours afternoon. And then possibly 20-40 minutes late afternoon. (In my defence, we did work hard to get him to sleep in the day, it wasn't just a miracle)

But the past couple of weeks, although he goes down and sleeps, he keeps waking up far earlier than he should. Barely an hour sometimes. Then unless he gets his late afternoon sleep he's sooooo cranky. We're trying to BLW at the moment and it doesn't mix with a tired baby.

He doesn't get agitated, he quite likes just lying there in his cot sucking his thumb but this doesn't mean he's getting the sleep he needs.

He's been teething for a while now, on and off, so not sure if that's the reason. he's got a black out blind etc etc.

Any thoughts? Or is this it...the dream baby no longer grin

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