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Toddler getting out of bed

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RBJ72 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:40:04

Hoping some of you out there will have advice for our current situation. DD1 (2 years 3 months) has been able to go off to sleep on her own and would sleep through until 6.30am ish until around 2-3 months after DD2 was born (now 4 months).

Think it started after DD1 was ill and I was staying in room with her until she fell asleep. Managed to almost crack that problem with gradual retreat but then after a weekend at in laws DD1 worked out how to get out of cot so we have now moved her into a toddler bed and opened up a whole new can of worms.

I have put up a stairgate but the door doesn't shut properly so for the past week she keeps getting out of bed and stands at the gate screaming and shouting. when we go back to her she just laughs and thinks it's a game. She will only go to sleep if one of us is with her but that has now meant that I don't think she is able to go off to sleep on her own any more and she woke up 3 times last night and has been up since 5.30am. Finally got her to sleep at lunchtime today by 2.30pm but that was after she'd destroyed her room. With a 4 month old baby who still wakes in the night you can imagine how tough this is.

I've thought about leaving DD1 for 5 mins at a time and then just putting her back in bed each time without any interaction but the screaming and shouting is now waking up DD2. So now thinking about not leaving her to scream and shout but putting DD1 straight back into bed each time she gets out without any interaction. However won't she just think this is still a game?

Anyone with similar experiences and have any pearls of wisdom?

Should I cut back on her daytime nap? She definitely needs it but can sleep for up to 2 hours. I think our bedtime routine is also pretty good: bath/wash, milk, teeth, 2 stories, bit of a chat and then a lullaby.

I've also tried bribery in the shape of a reward chart and promises to get a toy if she goes to sleep nicely but these haven't worked either.

I know the arrival of a sibling is a huge change for a toddler but it's really starting to wear us down and the thought of consisent night waking is filling me with terror.

RBJ72 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:41:42

oops sorry for double post

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