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Come and talk to me about naps for an 11 month old...I am at a loss!

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RaisingMrC Mon 20-Jun-11 11:52:11

Just to set the scene, I've never really cracked day time naps in the cot, so for a while I had been doing his morning nap in the cot and afternoon nap in the buggy. 2 weeks ago I decided to try for both naps in the cot in the hope that this would help with his night time sleep.

His rough pattern is 2 one hour naps, one at 9 and one at 2. He wakes at 6/6.30 usually and bed 7/7.30, with currently 3 wake ups in between (self settling is the issue). He has a little pre-nap routine.

I feel like I must be missing something though, as it can take him up to an hour to settle to sleep, and the norm is 40 minutes. I sit with him as he goes off and shush or pat/stroke if needed. He also has a very strong tendency - which he has had from day dot - to wake after 30 minutes of sleep. I usually extend his nap by rubbing his back.

I'd love for it to take less time for him to get to sleep - and I think the fact it takes ages surely shows that I've got something wrong...though I can't figure out what!

Leaving him to settle alone doesn't really work (though I haven't pushed this) as he cries and gets himself worked up.

Any words of wisdom??

MayDayChild Mon 20-Jun-11 20:35:20

Hes possibly not that tired!
My 12 month old wakes and goes to bedtime same as yours but has one long sleep a day and one short.
I'm really not that prescribed, if he's tired and I'm at home he goes in his cot or if I know I have to go out to collect his sister, I just put him in buggy.
I don't put him to sleep until he shows me tired signals (basically he cries!!) and this can be anytime from 9am to 12 in morning. He is currently sleeping approx 2 hrs then and then does about 45 mins in afternoon but some days he manages this one sleep alone.

Once he grows a bit more, he will be able to stay awake throughout the whole morning and have one sleep a day straight after lunch. But I'm not bothered about when he makes this milestone.
It seems you have a good routine but do you need to be quite so precise?

MayDayChild Mon 20-Jun-11 20:38:23

Oh meant to say it's about this age they become attached to a comfort toy or muslin etc so try using some sort of toy at all sleep times as a signal. Better than a dummy! And don't be too worried about a little crying himself to sleep in day as this helps good habits at night.

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