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can i ask advice on DD2 then brag a little about DD1?

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RueLaChesty Sun 19-Jun-11 23:44:29

hi, DD2 is 14mo, generally a good sleeper but is an early riser, gets up at 5.15 everyday, got blackout blinds, tried later bedtime etc. Any ideas, she gets the whole house up!

So she'll go down between 7-8pm but its still 5.15am everyday!

Now don't think "is that, does she call that a sleep problem". I've been on the sleep threads for ages,DD1 2.8yo was the worst sleeper right from the word go and we used to put her to bed at 7pm ad have to sit in her room in the dark for up to 3 hours until she fell asleep. Then she'd end in our bed from about midnight and would be up and down all night. We were on our knees with tiredness!!

One week ago today i took DDs to bed at 7pm as usual and at 7.05 DD2 was sound. At 7.30 i just decided enough was enough and told DD1 that i had to do dishes. Gave her a kiss and tucked her in. 20 mins later she got up asking for water, she had been playing with her teddies tikk this point. i put her back to bed. 20 mins later all was quiet on the monitor, so i peeked in and she was ASLEEP!! Now i'll admit i sat down outside her room and cried! On her 990th night on this earth she had gone to sleep all by herself! It took all my strength to stop myself going in and waking her up to hug her!!

But it gets better....

She slept ALL night in her own bed!! ALL NIGHT! (well until DD2 woke us all at 5.15).


She has done it every night since! A full week of not being prisoner in her room! A full week of not playing musical beds at midnight onwards!! grin

we had tried everything before and it was such a battle and i mean everything. I think now she was just eady. this too shall pass indeed!

Now if i could sort out those 5am rises! smile

Teleaddict Mon 20-Jun-11 06:46:47

Hi, there are a few threads on here about early risers at the minute. It may be worth doing a search to see if you can get any ideas from them? Also, I know that you have tried a later bedtime but how about an earlier one? I know it sounds counter intuitive but with my dd if she is tired and in bed earlier she wakes up later!

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