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how do you cope with the lack of sleep?

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stainesmassif Sun 19-Jun-11 21:39:22

the ds's are 2.5 and 6 months. they're so, so lovely (not a boasting thread) but i have to constantly remind myself that they'll be grown up before i know it to stop myself wishing this year away due to lack of sleep. am i making sense?
ds1 started to sleep thru at 11 months and is brilliant now, I know I could well be halfway through it with ds2, and he's just a normal bf baby, am not looking for tips on getting him to sleep more, am just wondering how anyone else copes? (besides liberal caffeine intake)

Lastyearsmodel Sun 19-Jun-11 21:41:40

Shouting. And remembering it's not forever. But it's so nice when they start sleeping.

Beamur Sun 19-Jun-11 21:44:06

The lack of sleep is brutal.
I coped with coffee and biscuits which is why I'm a stone heavier.
Could your partner help more - I would have loved a bit more sleep in the mornings but DP was a totally unsupportive git on this. (Still a sore point)

Lastyearsmodel Sun 19-Jun-11 21:45:27

Oh yeah, comfort eating and crying too.

Shouldn't you be in bed at this time? wink

GreenTeapot Sun 19-Jun-11 21:46:48

If I'm not careful, caffeine, eating vast amounts of carbs and being a grumpy bitch. If I'm careful, frequent early nights, the odd nap and lots of outdoor exercise.

It is excruciatingly hard. I'm approaching 4 full years without proper sleep and I honestly come close to tears if I think too much about how it would feel to have undisturbed nights. But on a day to day basis you just get by somehow, don't you? I mean, what's the alternative?

stainesmassif Sun 19-Jun-11 21:47:33

i'm my own worst enemy, tbh. i can't go back to sleep when ds2 wakes at 5.30ish, i start getting on with the day and actually get an hour to myself when he goes back to sleep and before ds1 wakes up - which i really relish. am bfing, cosleeping, dh is utterly useless when tired, i mean he's pathetic,so i'd rather just do it myself and get him back when we're retired or something.

stainesmassif Sun 19-Jun-11 21:50:45

haha, yes, every 5.30 am i think 'right, bed for you at 9 tonight, young lady' and then, well, it's my adult time isn't it.

bumbums Sun 19-Jun-11 21:57:20

All you can do is cut your self a lot of slack and take each day as it comes. Its just about survival at this time in your life.
Try not to start each day grumpy cos your knackered and even when you've had zero sleep. It won't help you.
And be extra concious of your monthly cycle as pmt has got to be worse when your so tired.
Above all seek out friends who are in the same boat. Moaning to someone who knows you really helps. But once you've had your moan move on and talk about things other than children.
Take some time off each week! Your entitled to it. No one works 24/7. Take your self off to the shops, sit in a coffee shop or send your DP out with the kids and go to sleep for a few hours.
Its brilliant when they do start sleeping through for you. Its life changing and it will happen for you. X

stainesmassif Mon 20-Jun-11 15:26:58

Yes, I think outdoor exercise is really the best solution for me, you kind of forget about it don't you. The same as you forget how bad sleep deprivation is when you're getting plenty of it. Ds2 was up at 4am today and I had an interview in town at 10am for a new job when my mat leave finishes. I felt like a photocopy of my real self, just slightly out of touch and discombobulated. BABIES!!

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