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Whoooaaah curve ball!!

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backintraining Sat 18-Jun-11 10:12:04

Up until recently DS (now 2.5) slept well, generally getting up around 7ish (not bragging, just saying), but for the past couple of weeks we have been favouring 6am..... I can cope with that because I get up at 6.15 for work 3 days a week anyway, however, its gradually headed backwards and yesterday was 5.10am and today was 4.50am..... bizarre thing is, he gets up, asks for a drink (mid-night drinks aren't something he ever wants) and then comes into our bed. The bizarre thing is sometimes he nods back off in our bed so I don't think it's that he has had "enough sleep" and is ready to face the day.......... however, when he does this I am wide awake by this point, willing myself back to sleep (and at 28 wks pg you can imagine that knackered isn't the word).

We haven't changed anything, he has a blackout blind, afternoon nap is still the same (between 1 and half hours and 2 hours), bedtime doesn't make a difference, he has an hour or so of playing either indoors or outside after tea, the birds around here start chirping at about 3.30am so I don't think they're waking him up cos he sleeps through a fair amount of that fecking horrendous delightful dawn birdsong... it's just thrown me. Last night we tried putting another layer over the blackout blind to make his room darker thinking it could be light mornings, but the little monkey got up even earlier! The only possible thing that is different is that last Sunday we started potty training (going okay) but surely that can't have an effect on sleep can it? I don't think it's because he has had enough sleep because he either nods off about half an hour later for a bit or he is SHATTERED in the morning. I don't think he would power through yet without an afternoon nap.

Did anyone else experience this? A good sleeper going randomly crap (and please tell me it was a phase!! When the clocks changed this didn't seem to have too much of an effect - has it hit us later?

Thanks, sorry for rambling.

sweetuphoria Sat 18-Jun-11 16:30:34

My first thought is that maybe he is ready to cut/drop his daytime nap?

Grabaspoon Sat 18-Jun-11 16:46:36

Diabetes - ie the drink needed?

backintraining Sun 19-Jun-11 21:09:29

Thanks for replies. He woke at 7am today and yesterday he did have a much shorter nap (his choice, we didn't wake him earlier) so who the heck knows, maybe he just likes a bit of change. He had a shorter nap today (again, down to him) so I will see what tomorrow morning brings - maybe he just likes to keep us on our (sometimes tired) toes. He has been really snotty today and quite chesty so maybe he was coming down with something and it took a couple of weeks to emerge.

As for diabetes, hadn't even thought of that....... will keep an eye on it.

Thanks again.

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