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HELP - 10 week old back/bottom shuffles to edge of cot at night

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YogaMummy2B Thu 16-Jun-11 05:23:39

It is nearly 3am and I have just woken to find my LO still asleep headbutting the bars of her cot as she has managed to shuffle across to the edge in her sleep.
She is lightly swaddled or she would be awake with her arms poking through
(that happened last night in her sleeping bag).
I have a shorn lambskin lining her cot and now I'm freaking out she will shove herself off the bars and flip over and not be able to breathe.
Don't want to move her incase she wakes (I'm hopeful she might sleep through to at least 4ish if not later).
Anyone have any experience of their LO's doing this and getting in trouble?
Will have to put lambskin under sheet tomorrow by the look of it, such a pity as it's so soft and comfy and makes it a dream to put her down and slide my hand away without waking her.
Won't sleep now worrying.

SittingBull Thu 16-Jun-11 05:56:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iggly Thu 16-Jun-11 06:21:21

You can try an air wrap cot bumper which is breathable but stops arms/legs getting stuck? Can she roll? If not it's unlikely she'll manage to flip over as you describe.

Also make sure you give plenty of tummy time in the day - well only a few minutes at this stage - to build up the neck and core muscles. So if she does roll onto her front she can lift her head.

Snarfle Thu 16-Jun-11 09:07:21

We have just bought the safe dreams bumper (like the air wrap) to stop any bumps against the cot (ds is 16 weeks). It also stops dummy falling out of the cot and arms getting trapped between bars.

YogaMummy2B Thu 16-Jun-11 10:12:59

Thanks all, she slept until 6.25am!! First big sleep ever, I think the lambskin and ergo cocoon made the difference. Have now put lambskin below her sheet and ordered an airwrap this morning.
Tummy time is not received brilliantly well, but we do have about 5 mins a day, her neck control is very strong. Paediatrician was very surprised last week.
Cheers again. I'm going to see if I can snooze now, awake from 3am worrying about her.

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