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Oh bloody hell...

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weltschmerz Mon 13-Jun-11 20:20:37

13 month old DD is ordinarily close to both me and DH.
We have more or less exactly the same bedtime routine with DD (though I put her to bed more often I guess)
However, I have just left her howling hysterically when DH came to take over (she has just discovered how to pull herself from lying to standing and had happily resisted going to sleep for about 30 minutes). After 5 minutes of this, wuss here couldn't take it any more and went up to see what I could do to help - cue a slowdown in hysterics from DD and a sharp telling-off by DH saying 'now you've done this, it'll have to be you putting her to bed every night. Is that what you want?'
Is any of this normal? I know DH is right but the crying-to-the-point-of-choking seems a little, you know, harsh..
(wimp who has clearly created a total brat emoticon) sad

Teleaddict Mon 13-Jun-11 20:42:26

It is totally normal. My dd is 27 months and still wants me to put her to bed rather than her dad. However, if I am not in the house then she will happily let him do bedtime. So if I am working late or out then we don't have any probs. Could your dh do the whole routine rather than just taking over? Could you go out and let him be on his own? If you do this a few times then she may become less resistant. Good luck but don't worry, it will just be a phase!!

Iggly Tue 14-Jun-11 19:36:42

She's too young to be considered a brat sad She's teeny sad

They will go through phases of preferring one parent to another - I see it as a good thing as DS will have a different relationship with me than DH and that's normal. Also it means we know one of us will be able to calm him down and if the other one isn't there it's fine in the end!

She's at an age where she's learning new things and it will disturb her sleep. It's not about being naughty.

Maybe your DH feels left out. He should realise that it will be the other way around one day and it won't be anything you've done.

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