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is 11months too young to go from two to one nap? Any advice appreciated!

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panda80 Sun 12-Jun-11 11:11:50

DS has been in a very rough routine from 7 months ish til now of awake at 6.30am, shorter nap at 9am and a longer nap at 1.30pm then bedtime at 7.30pm. These past few weeks it has been increasingly going tits up and I wondering whether moving him to one nap a day might be the answer? He has been getting up painfully early 5.15am the past few days then taking a longer morning nap 9am-11am then not wanting an afternoon nap til really late 3-4pm then bedtime is getting later. He is also cranky and tired in the mornings when he gets up and afternoons after his nap.
I always thought they were a bit older than 11mo before going to one nap a day, but maybe it is time? Any advice on how to go about it would be much appreciated - I am thinking I'll need to move lunchtime and bedtime earlier etc. Thanks!

StantonLacy Sun 12-Jun-11 22:01:36

Both of my DC changed from two naps to one at about 11/12 months old, I think it's pretty normal from speaking to other parents.

I'd make sure that lunch was about 11, 11.30 at the very latest - just to try and fill them up so they didn't wake from hunger. Lots of snacks in the mornings too, much more than I had been giving. Would normally put down for nap at about half eleven. I found that pretty much straight away both DC would nap really well - DS had daily naps until he was two and a half sometimes for up to three hours! DD is also following this pattern. We also moved bedtime from half seven to half six - it did seem a bit difficult trying to fit everything in earlier at first, but it gets easier ! (tea at half four, for example...half past four ! shock )
Now DS is at nursery, both he and DD are more than ready for bed at six (also ready for the day at six am unfortunately, but you can't have everything, can you ? grin)

As far as that first nap that they seem to hanker after is concerned - can you just try and hold him off until he gets through the initial tired phase ? you know go for a walk etc. Before you know it, it'll be lunch time and he'll be more than ready for it then. I know how horrible it is when they are really shattered and tired, but if you can push that nap back to half eleven, I bet it will settle really quickly into a nice routine for you both.

I'm now remembering wistfully the days pre DD when DS would nap and I would have two hours to myself.....<sigh> grin

BiggestPiggyOnTheFarm Sun 12-Jun-11 22:12:24

My DS2 is 11.5 months and he has recently dropped the morning nap, though I noticed he wasting a bit cranky at about 10.30-11am so I've started giving a snack at about 10am, just a rice cake or a cracker or some fruit and that seems to have helped.

His day is now:

7.30am Get up, milk and breakfast
10am Snack like rice cake or fruit
12.30pm Lunch then straight to bed
3pm Get up, milk
5.30pm Dinner followed by bath
7pm Milk, brush teeth, bed

panda80 Mon 13-Jun-11 09:58:28

Thanks very much for the advice. Had our first one nap day yesterday, he was tired at first mid-morning but we went for a walk and he soon perked up. Was planning to get him down for a sleep at 12am but ended up getting back from town late and faffing about but he slept from 1pm-3.30pm and woke in a fab mood. Then slept for 12 whole hours last night! Woke at a gobsmacking 7.15am this morning rather than his usual 5.15am (though I woke at 5am and lay there for 2 hours waiting for him to wake angry). Can't quite believe it and think it was beginners luck! Think I'll definitely go with your advice and try a snack or walk mid-morning and get him down for a nap earlier and also try for an earlier teatime / bedtime.

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