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11 month not settling ALL night

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Albrecht Thu 09-Jun-11 07:59:14

He tosses and turns all night even after a feed. We co-sleep and he is either scratching me, kicking me, climbing on my head or just rolling back and forth groaning.

We've been waiting for his 4th tooth for 6 wks now hmm and he's lost the rash he always gets on his face when teething so don't think its that. He had calpol before bed just in case.

He's been cruising for ages but no sign of walking. He's not talking either just babbling so don't think its developmental. Previously his sleep would get bad once he'd started rolling, sitting up etc.

His naps got longer and easier to get to sleep once he started crawling but he needs a lot of re-settling to get a decent sleep during the day.

Twice this week I've gone to bed when he has, leaving dh to do all the clearing of the bomb site downstairs. But I'm not getting enough sleep cos he wakes So often.

Any experience, any idea what's going on?

CakeandRoses Thu 09-Jun-11 08:39:54

DD's 4th tooth took aaaages to finally all break thru and stop bothering her. Can you see anything there?

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