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6.5 month old suddenly waking every 45 mins at night

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Lainey1981 Thu 09-Jun-11 07:33:21


Please anyone offer me advice or reassurance. My 6.5 month old ds has slept through the night 9-7 ish since 10 weeks old which has been great. But for the last 5 nights has been waking up every 45 mins or so. He whimpers but doesn't cry so it isn't for food I don't think. A coupld of the nights he has had a long awake period of at least an hour where he has been chatting or shifting around in his cot trying to get comfy. He has the tail end of a cold and this all started with him not being able to breathe, but he can now so don't know why he is currently sleeping worse than a newborn.
Any advice on what it could be?

cheekeymonkey Thu 09-Jun-11 13:26:10

Has he seen the GP? Just wondering whether he has a chest infection which can be painful when lying down?

I take it nothing else has changed such as new mattress or anything that might be making him uncomfortable?

Lainey1981 Thu 09-Jun-11 13:30:42

No hasn't been to the gp, but does have a cough so maybe I should book an appointment. He naps in his cotbed fine in the day though.
No new anything. confused

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