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Alternative to Sleeping Bag for Active Baby?

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shepster Wed 08-Jun-11 22:09:42

I have three sleeping bags for DS, all of different togs, and the little mite has gone and discovered how to roll in his sleep and is now finding the bags too constricting. Once or twice, I've slipped one on over his babygro after he's fallen asleep, but he seems to know instantly and begins lifting his legs in protest.

Had him in a babygro and vest when visiting my mother's, where the room was a balmy 25+ degrees. Back here though, the nights will/can be much cooler and wondering if I can find some sort of warmer babygro/sleepsuit that will allow him freedom to roam while also keeping him warm? Any suggestions?

peacemoon Thu 09-Jun-11 11:18:24

Hi,I never used sleeping bags for my 4.I used to put them in a vest,a babygro and a fleecy zip up sleepsuit (from mothercare) which kept them warm n comfy without restricting them.It also means u can decrease the layers underneath depending on the temperature.
Mine were all good sleepers so I suppose it must have worked.Hope this helps.

shepster Thu 09-Jun-11 19:41:23

Thanks peacemoon. How about in the summer? Did you just stick with babygro and vest? This is something I constantly worry about: how hot/cold he is. Friends sent me a fleecy sleepsuit from the states, which I've used for the last few nights, with just a vest underneath. He didn't seem to be waking up more than usual (and never felt particularly cold- so hard to tell though), so I guess he was okay. Room temp at about 20 degrees, but even that can feel cool at times. Hard not to compare to yourself though: I can't imagine not sleeping without a sheet/covers, but he is doing okay I guess.

mewkins Thu 09-Jun-11 21:43:27


I think Vertbaudet do sleeping bags with shaped legs iyswim? Not used them but I guess they just act as a thicker sleepsuit

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