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Please help me with dd's sleep.

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Foxy800 Tue 07-Jun-11 19:24:44

She is 5. It is only recently that we are back to 5-6 times a night, it could be the heat as she insists on going under her duvet, with the door shut. So she only wears a vest or thin nightie as wont go to bed naked. We also have blackout blinds and curtains.

She doesnt cry, just gets out of bed and comes into our room. If Im not there she just keeps calling Daddy and getting louder until he does wake up.

When she does get out she is taken to the toilet if she needs it then put back to bed. She also has a sleepy bunny clock which she knows she is not allowed into our room till the eyes open on it. If she does it is straight back to bed.

Any suggestions would be greatfully received as I am exhausted, dp doesnt often wake up to her.

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