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So we changed milk for water, now what?

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MissHonkover Tue 07-Jun-11 09:17:42

Have got ourselves into a bit of a mess. 11.5 mo DD was waking for milk at about 4am, we swapped it for water in the hope that she'd go off it. She's now waking for water, and has been for about a month.

Here's our routine, can anyone help?

4 - 4.30 ish wakes (can be resettled with water)
5.30 up for the day (aaaaargh, want to change this)
7.15 breakfast
8.30 - 10 nap
12.30 lunch
1.30 - 2.30 FF then nap (this is getting shorter)
4.30 snack
6.00 tea
6.40 bath
7.00 FF then bed

She self settles really well, so we know we're lucky there, but I can't help feeling there's something we could re-jig that would sort out the early waking and the water at 4am.

Any advice gratefully received!

RaisingMrC Tue 07-Jun-11 09:35:02

I'm no expert by any means (see my posts on the "Sleep nightmares" thread!) but from stuff I have read, one suggestion is that babies who have a longer morning nap wake early, as they are making up for some of their lost sleep at that time. So I assume that while the morning nap is long, then the LO will continue to wake early.

This link explains a bit about it, and has some other suggestions about early waking.


MissHonkover Tue 07-Jun-11 09:45:35

Thanks! Yes, I too hover around the early waking threads. It becomes a vicious circle, if she wakes so early it's hard to keep her awake beyond half 8, and then she's out for the count.

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