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going out and breastfeeding????

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annalila Mon 06-Jun-11 21:53:32

hello i am new on this site. dd is 6 weeks old and im breastfeeding. im 22 at the weekend and i want to go to a concert next week my mum is happy to have baby and she has took expressed from her dad before. but will she take it all night?? my mum lives up the road should i stay there??? and go back to feed or is will she be ok til next early morning e.g 7am!! im worried or should i not drink and go back to feed?? i want to enjoy my night but not be worried about her!! please help!

DialsMavis Mon 06-Jun-11 23:29:06

can you express enough for her to take all night? How may feeds would you miss? It might be bad for your supply to miss too many, as far as I know drinking shouldn't be a problem though. Your Mum sounds lovely, she can have my 7 month old over night if she likes! grin

CointreauVersial Mon 06-Jun-11 23:31:05

Check she will take a bottle, she may need some practice beforehand.

PenguinArmy Tue 07-Jun-11 07:22:38

post in the breast and bottle feeding section and you will get responses. Sorry can't answer now but will in (my) morning if it's still unanswered

PenguinArmy Wed 08-Jun-11 03:20:53

Hi again,

Not sure if you got answered else where so will post again anyway

It is a tricky time for leaving them especially as it might coincide with a growth spurt. Can you stay at your mums so you're there first thing but still get some sleep. (as hopefully mum will take her away again as soon as she's fed)

You need about an 1oz for every hour you plan to be away plus with perhaps a few extra. The kellymom site is and give your mum this page for tips to avoid a nursing strike or fussy behaviour on your return.

As for your comfort, ideally you should express just to relieve some discomfort and to help avoid mastitis. Practically on a night out not so sure, I would recommend taking a manual pump with you to pump early in the evening and hopefully you'll be OK. That's another advantage of staying at your mums is that if you feel full you can do another feed. Alcohol had make you feel fuller but inhibit the let down reflext so a reason not to get too drunk (at least for a while longer letting your supply regulate itself a bit more)

Just because DD has taken a bottle before doesn't mean she still will so check not too long beforehand.

In terms of alcohol if you're fine to drive/feel confident enough to handle her then you're fine to feed. Very little gets through to them so if you're mildly tipsy it's OK (just don't make a habbit of it). As long as you're not plastered you'll be fine come morning.


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