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Insidious cosmetics

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fififrog Mon 06-Jun-11 09:30:07

My 11wk old theoretically sleeps in a Moses basket next to the bed. After a blissful 6 week honeymoon her sleep has got worse and worse. She is a lady of extremes and gets very overtired and despite my best efforts cries when going to sleep and needs a lot of help. She naps after every 90 mins awake during the day and goes to bed 7-7.30. I have to hold her for naps or co-nap mostly if we're at home and as she's a light sleeper wait 30mins after she drops off in the evening before putting her down.

She used to wake about 1am for a feed and settle back in the basket. I'd let her in the bed after 4 am as she was finding the daylight a challenge. She's now getting impossible to settle at night and her new trick is to wake more frequently and usually 10 mins after I come to bed. Last night I held her for half an hour but still couldn't put her down so she coslept from 10.30

I am happy to indulge her needs and want a strong bond, but I fear this is now preference/habit rather than need and since I don't enjoy co-sleeping I am getting increasingly stressed. The frequent random waking is also a worry.

She is outgrowing the basket and must soon move to her own room and I fear a battle. I'd love her to self soothe but fear it is too early for her given she cries so much.

Does anyone has success-based advice on getting baby back into her own bed before things get out of hand?

fififrog Mon 06-Jun-11 09:31:54

Oops iPhone autocomplete should have said insidious cosleeping not cosmetics ha ha!

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