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9 week old - urgent advice needed

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YogaMummy2B Sun 05-Jun-11 22:41:57

i have a gorgeous gurgling 9 week old with reflux, who never sleeps!
I thought it was due to the reflux, but the medicine she is on, has it reasonably well controlled. We have been on the new meds for the last 2 weeks.
She only sleeps during the day if she is on my chest, not even in her car seat or pram, maximum of 2 or 3 hours during the day, depending on how long I can sit for.
She wakes about 7 or 8 and won't go down before 11pm. Nothing I do seems to help, walking her, bouncing her, holding her etc. As soon as I put her down she wakes up again.
I really can't cope anymore. Anyone have any tips? Anything I can read?

GreenTeapot Sun 05-Jun-11 23:33:40

Needing to be held is pretty common - tough going but it will pass off by itself. A lot of us with babies like this got by using wrap slings - kari-me or moby would be ideal.

RitaMorgan Sun 05-Jun-11 23:35:19

Will she only sleep on your chest, or will she sleep next to you, maybe touching you?

YogaMummy2B Mon 06-Jun-11 00:04:13

I have a sling and I pop that on when I just can't cope and need to get washing done etc.
Rita will not sleep unless on me, not that I have tried too many times to lay her down and keep the contact. I kinda figured it would be easier just holding her. Have you an idea?
Other weird stuff she does - she loves to sit in her bouncy chair or in her buggy staring at colourful things. Could happily sit fof hours!! However when I see that she is starting to get tired and pick her up to get her to go to sleep, she has an almighty crying fit! It's as if I have taken her fun away! I don't sit her there for long BTW, 1/2 hr max so I can have brekkie or sterlise bottles etc. She has lots of cuddles and interaction during day and coos and smiles away. Just won't sleep!

diyqueen Mon 06-Jun-11 08:12:53

If it's any consolation my 11-week-old dd is similar, often sleeping little in the day but the payoff is that she sleeps quite well at night once finally asleep, often not til 11pm or so (she then sleeps til late morning the next day, just waking for feeds). She tends to only settle to sleep at the end of a feed (am breastfeeding), though she has fallen asleep under her musical mobile a few times when already sleepy - have you tried one of these? Sounds like your little one might enjoy looking at it anyway and could get her used to spending quiet time in the cot. If she was lying down already you wouldn't feel you needed to pick her up to put her in a more comfortable position to sleep, if she started getting tired.

yawningbear Mon 06-Jun-11 09:58:29

My DD who is now 2.6 years old was very similiar at your DD's age. She also hated lying flat, being in the pram, pretty much anything unless she was on me it seemed. I carried her in a close to me carrier for ages, once you get used to it you can get on with stuff. Also the Ergo carriers are fabulous, we didn't get it until DD was 6 months and I just loved it as it puts most of the weight of DC around your hips so no backache and they are really secure in it so you can get loads done. I have a 4 month old DS and am sometimes using the Ergo for him with the newborn insert that you can get for it. Not sure if you are bf or ff but I found if I fed DD lying down in bed I could then get her to sleep and roll her off me and leave her on the bed whilst I had a few minutes to myself! It did pass and by 4 months ish I was able to put her in her cot, albeit fast asleep but at least I didn't have her attached to me 24-7!

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