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No cry sleep solutions? Pick up put down? Any experience of these?

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WLmum Sun 05-Jun-11 17:25:37

Hi, would be very interested to hear any experiences of no cry sleep solutions or pick up put down is it? 13m DD has started waking in the night demanding to be picked up - seems to fall asleep instantly in my arms, and goes absolutely balistic if I attempt to put her down - yes that old chestnut! I have attempted a bit of pick up put down over last couple of nights but in this case, it's very far from a no cry sleep solution! She just got crosser and crosser to the point where I if I even flinched she screamed. Not sure if it's just because we just moved into a new house (new neighbours are gonna just love us!) and all a bit unsettled or if it's just co-incidence. Seem to remember DD1 doing a similar thing at a similar age and it resulting in the dreaded controlled crying - effective but torturous. Any comments/suggestions?

madhousewife Sun 05-Jun-11 20:14:51

Someone mentioned the 55 week development spurt that might cause a sleep regression? I was going through the same thing with DS a few months ago and TBH things are still pretty dire. He's okay if he's sleeping with me but will wake up every half hour/hour if he's on his own.
Anyway, google 55 week development spurt or 55 week sleep regression and you might find some answers.
Good luck xx

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