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Infacol to help baby sleep.

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elephanty Sun 05-Jun-11 16:11:06

I have been giving infacol before feeds because 10wo BF baby gets bad wind. The other day she was screaming and screaming, I knew she was tired but she wouldn't go down. My mum was holding her so I gave her the infacol and went to get a muslin ready to feed her but by the time I came back my mum had given her the dummy to help her settle while she was waiting for me and in that short space of time she had fallen fast asleep. Since then when I know she's tired and she's screaming I have given her a tiny taste ( nowhere near the full dosage) of infacol and given her the dummy and she falls asleep almost instantly.
Is this a really bad thing to do? Am I putting her at risk at all??
Can anyone recommend something I can use instead of infacol that will have the same reaction???

Iggly Sun 05-Jun-11 16:14:26

Have you tried just using the dummy? The screaming sounds like she's massively overtired which can result in bad wind - can you try getting her to sleep sooner, before the screaming starts? Tired signs include glazed eyes, losing interest, not maintaining eye contact. Then you get manic behaviour - arm waving, bouncing about etc before the meltdown begins.

elephanty Sun 05-Jun-11 16:19:41

Yeah, have tried just dummy when I see the signs you've mentioned but as soon as I get her into a cradled position, give the dummy and start rocking/bouncing she starts screaming, the infacol seems to help to remind her that sucking on the dummy is a nice thing to do.

Iggly Sun 05-Jun-11 18:23:03

What about holding her upright, head on shoulder? DS was a lot easier to get to sleep like that. Or in a sling and I could use the dummy and keep it in by gently tapping it with a finger.

PukeyRag Mon 06-Jun-11 12:13:14

Have you tried just feeding her without the infacol first? My DD calms down when she has the infacol too, but never falls asleep straight away because of it.

One thing I do is have DD on shoulder, sit on the sofa and rock her back and forth, that always sends her to sleep when she's over tired.

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