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2-3 hours writhing in the middle of the night

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JumpJockey Sun 05-Jun-11 06:40:05

DD2 is nearly 5 months, usually wakes every couple of hours during the night because of wind or to feed. I generally just stick her on the boob to get her back to sleep either way as it's easiest, she starts the night in a sidecar crib then is in next to me as she doesn't settle back very easily.

For the last 3 weeks now she's woken up somewhere around 2-3am and spent at least 2 hours writhing around - flailing her legs back and forth and grunting loudly. I try putting her on the boob to calm down but she kicks and scratches as her arms and legs go back and forth, and it's not clear whether she's awake or not in any case. She has learned to roll over both ways so I've been encouraging her to do as much of this as possible during the day, though this usually ends up with her on her front then getting cross and needing me to put her onto her back so she can flip again. I've been bringing her down in the night and chucking her on the playmat when she wakes so she doesn't disturb DH, if she's in the cot she ends up hitting her limbs on the side and crying so can't just shuft her across. She's been going since about 3am today, finally gave up hope of her going back to sleep and brought her downstairs.

Getting her to practice during the daytime doesn't seem to work. We end up having to put her down for a 'nap' at about 7am, which is just when DD1 is getting up and wanting me.

Any ideas as to how to stop her doing this before I keel over and die from lack of sleep? I know when they learn a new skill they want to practice it, but FFS I try to get her to do it in the daytime and she just refuses.

JumpJockey Mon 06-Jun-11 16:09:58

anyone?? Same again last night from 2.30 to about 5 at which point elder daughter had a nightmare and needed cuddles.

carryb Mon 06-Jun-11 21:35:06

Hello! I am in exactly the same dilema as you!! My LO is just over five months and doing the same! I have just read 'top tips' by the baby whisperer, some interesting points, going to try them out tonight will let you know if anything helps!!!

JumpJockey Thu 09-Jun-11 08:47:32

Hi carry, any luck?!

Funloving Thu 09-Jun-11 09:42:30

I'm in the same boat and getting to severe sleep deprivation! For the past 3 nights 5.5mo ds has been waking at 1.30am and just being wide awake, squealing with delight, and thrashing around for hours. I don't understand what's going on!! What has the baby whisperer got to say and does it work?!?!

Lainey1981 Thu 09-Jun-11 12:35:38

Ooh v similar to me. My 6.5month old spends most of the night thrashing about and waking every 45 mins or so having previously slept through since 10 weeks. Struggling!

leatherlover Thu 09-Jun-11 14:25:27

Oooh well my dd2 is 15 months now and she often has 2hr periods of wakefulness during the night. She's never been what you'd call a 'good sleeper' but this is killing me. It's generally between 1-4am and involves thrashing about, not crying or in pain but just unable to settle so she ends up in bed with me in the spare room so dh can get some kip. Makes the school run sooo much fun as grumpy mummy finds it very hard to get back to sleep until around 6.30am when it's time to get up! I used 'The No Cry Sleep Solution' in the earlier days (around 5 months) to help me establish a good bedtime routine and it says that because young babies spend more time in 'lighter' sleep they wake more often and that is the norm rather than having a 'good sleeper' that sleeps through the night. I will have to refer back to it to see what they suggest for night time waking for extended periods (if my eyes can cope with reading)....

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