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how to handle bedtime better?

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Murl Sat 04-Jun-11 19:12:00

My DD is 16 months. Bedtime has always been pretty good. She still has a bottle of milk at bedtime, and until the last couple of weeks this made her very drowsy and she went to sleep within a couple of minutes. I have always stayed with her while she has fallen asleep - sometimes just stood next to the cot, sometimes rubbing her back/tummy, and sometimes just saying 'night night' (a few times!). This was all fine as within minites she was fast asleep and I could nip off downstairs and do all the things us Mums do while out LO are in bed - cook, clean etc etc!!

BUT the last couple of weeks things have gone a little pear-shaped. Still has her bottle of milk and still seems tired (rubbing eyes, a bit grumpy) but I put her in her cot and she comes to life! playing with feet, chitter-chatter, standing up, sitting down - eventually she winds down but this can take up to an hour - and she cries and cries if I leave her side before she is asleep.

Do I have to do some controlled crying type thing so she learns to be by herself while she winds down and falls asleep? Do I need to shorten her day time nap (up to 2 hours at the mo) - or is just another 'phase'?!

I need my evenings back - its the only time I get to do anything!!

lazzaroo Sat 04-Jun-11 20:08:51

Will be interested to hear what comes back from this. I wonder if there is some kind of sleep 'regression' at about this age as we've had the same thing with our now 18month old for about the past 4-5 weeks. I don't know if it is effected by development at this age..particulalry talking? My little one can be all sleepy in my arms, I lay her down and she bursts into full on jabber mnode. I'd be happy to let her jabbber until she falls asleep (which she used to do) but she SCREAMS if I leave the room! I have to say last couple of nights have got a little better so maybe it's just a phase?

Murl Sat 04-Jun-11 20:26:21

Hi laz. So its not just me?! Let's hope some one has some words of wisdom for us! Hope your Lo is now fast asleep and you can relax

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