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Not sure what to do? Please help

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janski31 Fri 03-Jun-11 20:43:34

My 5 and a half month daughter goes to be about 7 is she is brill at bedtime goes down awake and falls asleep on her own always been like this, we wake her for a feed at half ten and she goes straight back down and goes to sleep, the problem is she has been waking at 5am quite alot recently crying as she is still tired and she gets worked up as she cant get back to sleep even with her dummy. Before this started i sometimes heard her on the monitor in the early hours singing and she would just go back to sleep till about 7. I dont think its hunger as when i give her the first bottle of the morning she only drinks about half of it. She doesnt nap well in the day but never has done so dont think its that either, her room is pitch black so it cant be that. Thanks for reading.

cerealqueen Fri 03-Jun-11 23:26:01

I can't help as to the why.... but maybe can on how to handle.
Have you tried 'wake to sleep'? You wake them just before you know they are going to wake and then hush them to sleep (as they are not waking themselves this does work) and they then will sleep longer, I used to do it with DD for naps as she would not nap more than 3/4 hr and then went to two hours.

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