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How many naps and bedtime for 6 month old?

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MrsGubbins Wed 01-Jun-11 14:59:48

Curious as to what other's 6 months olds are doing, how many naps do they have and what time do they got bed at night?

matana Wed 01-Jun-11 19:44:51


My DS is now 7 months and has just made the transition to 2 naps per day from 3. He now tends to have a shorter nap in the morning (his long nap used to be morning) and a longer one after lunch taking him through till 3.30/ 4pm. He still gets very tired by evening though, so bedtime past 7/7.30pm isn't really an option.

DialsMavis Wed 01-Jun-11 23:20:49

DD is usually in bed between 6.30 and 7pm. Her naps have been hit and miss for months. She only tends to nap for 45mins 3 times a day. 9ish, 12ish and 3ish. She usually wakes between 7 and 8am. A few weeks ago she started napping for longer (1-1.5 hrs), but that has tailed off. This week she has woken up cross after 20ish mins and will not go back to sleep, I don't know if this means I should see if she wants to consolidate her 3 crap naps into 2 slightlyless crap naps. Oh she is nearly 7 months

MrsGubbins Thu 02-Jun-11 12:25:56

I was wondering cause DD has just stopped taking a 3rd nap and this has moved her bedtime to 6pm, so she's up 6.30am-7am, nap at 8.30 and then 12.30-14.30 and then awake till 6pm, I've tried to get a short afternoon nap in but it's not happening.

I wasn't sure whether it was too early to drop a nap although at least it means I can do things in the afternoon!

When is it likely to change again?

funnybumblebee Thu 02-Jun-11 19:09:40

My DD is 6 months and we are still on 3 naps. A short morning one at around 9, usually a longer lunch time one at around 11.30 and then a late one at 4ish. In bed for 6.30. But very early wake ups- between 5 and 6!

matana Thu 02-Jun-11 20:53:01

I sympathise MrsGubbins. DS will not nap early evening any more and is very, very tired by bedtime. We've managed to move his morning nap back by half an hour to 9/9.30 which helps a bit and has a knock on effect for his afternoon nap. An option for you?

baileyslover Thu 02-Jun-11 21:13:07

My DS is just over 6 months. He usually wakes at 8am, 45 min nap at 10ish then longer nap at 1 ish, ideally until 3pm, then awake until bath at 6.30. He is usually more than ready for bed by then, but he refuses a 4ish nap now unless he has only had a short kip at lunchtime. He still isn't a great sleeper at night, so that may be having a knockon effect.

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