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cosleepinh - what position do you lie in?

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Goldrill Wed 01-Jun-11 10:49:45

excuse this being a weird question: I think I might be doing it wrong! I tend to bring DD (6 months) in to sleep next to me from when she wakes up for middle of night feed at around 3 till we get up. I've read all the advice and am careful with duvet/pillows etc and have cot pushed up against bed so she can't roll out. But then I end up sleeping curled around her with my arm above her head, and I find I can't move!
I can just about sleep in that position for a few hours - though it does wreck my back- but last night she woke to being wide awake at 11pm (grr. DP noisy bugger!) so I put her in with me rather than spend half an hour settling her. And I slept very badly and my back is killing me.
So I just wondered - do you roll over and lie with your back to them ever, or on your back etc? Or have I missed a very obvious solution somewhere!


JoinTheDots Wed 01-Jun-11 12:04:37

I sometimes lie flat on my back with my arm curled around DD next to me, but she is a little bigger at 9 months. I mostly sleep on my side as you describe and my back is also rather shot but I seem to have got used to it!

Goldrill Fri 03-Jun-11 08:33:03

thanks jointhe. Not just me then!

InAStateOfReflux Fri 03-Jun-11 22:15:59

Exactly what happens with my 5mo dd. She wakes about 3-4pm and I am too knackered to stay awake properly to feed her so I bring her into bed. My dp normally gets up for work about 4.30 am so we have the whole bed. Therefore, yes, I do roll over and lie with my back to her, or onto my back. She is not quite rolling all over the place yet so she can't roll out. My back is also well and truly buggered from lying on my side feeding her. Of course I can only roll over if I manage to disattach her from my boob without waking her completely. She tends to use me as a dummy, and won't accept the plastic variety! Sometimes she is on the boob continually and is obviously not feeding properly the whole time...

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