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6 month old wiggling, rolling, tossing in her sleep..

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Jenni363 Tue 31-May-11 09:14:00


Wonder if any of you have this same "problem".. My 6 month old DD has suddenly started being really restless in her sleep.

She is trying really hard to roll on her tummy all the time. First time I let her, only to find her in her bed face flat, buried in the mattress.. This freaked me out a bit as I thought she might suffocate.. So I propped her with few rolled towels to keep her on her back for bit longer until she can control her body bit more.

But now all she does, all night, is try to push onto her tummy, she's huffing and puffing, lifting her legs.. pushing against the towels. I took the towels off again to see how she goes.. She rolled on her tummy, with her face to the side (which was a great sign she might be ok!) just for her to start crying and whingeing a minute later. I turned her back on her side, she rolled back on her tummy..

Repeat 5 times a night = tired mummy and daddy.

I'm sure she'll grow out of this soon. Just wanted to hear if anybody had similar experiences and perhaps an explanation why she suddenly cannot lie still / on her back.

Cheers smile

beela Tue 31-May-11 10:03:43

Hmm, yes, we went through similar, and we were knackered too! DS kept waking up on his tummy, propped up on his arms with his head in the air, all confused about how he got there.

I think they just want to practice things. DS seems to be growing out of this now (7.5 mo) as he has mastered the art of rolling back and forth. However, he is longing to crawl so I suspect that he will soon be needing to practice this during the night as well....

I think that you just have to wait for them to work it out, although that is probably not the answer you wanted to hear!

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