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'settle-to-sleep' How do I go about doing this?? Does it work?

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lickylips Mon 30-May-11 20:55:33

My 13m DD has been fed to sleep, now I'm trying to get ther to settle herself and it's just not working. She will tolerate being wheeled around in buggy and will settle eventually but this can't go on. She needs to learn how to get to sleep on her own. I am so worked up about it. My 3yr old didn't have this problem. I know I'm to blame but I'm trying to resolve it-will the settle to sleep method work?? any suggestions??

mammainlove Mon 30-May-11 21:39:27

Hi, I'm going through exactly the same thing with my 11mo dd. Ive ordered a book which everyone has recommended called 'the no-cry sleep solution'. £6 from amazon and you'll get it weds if you order today. My dd has only been fed and rocked to sleep too. I tried to encourage self settling and the 1st 3 nights i was sooo upset as she was just screaming, wouldnt be lied down, so i just gave up and fed her or put her in sling,walked round the block. I realised that my stress was affecting her. So the 4th night i made sure i was really calm and thought happy thoughts. I still fed her, laid her down, lied next to her in bed and each time she got up or cried i gently put her down again. If she got really upset i cuddled her. Eventually she got so tired and bored she fell to sleep.

I think whatever you do, be consistant and stay calm and positive, as they pick up on everything. It might take hours, and a few nights/weeks to work 'til she self settles, but she will get the message, and this gentle approach is sooo much better than leaving them in their cot to cry (!) It's all about PATIENCE

Good luck, and dont be so hard on yourself! smile xx

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