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Toddler 'twitching' in his sleep a bit too much.....

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southmum Mon 30-May-11 13:50:47

When DS (2 yo)is a little bit off colour he is very restless at night. I expect this to a degree, but the sheer relentlessness of it is starting to worry me a bit.

He will twitch and move around constantly, and I do mean constantly with no let up, to the point where I am convinced there is something wrong with him - feet moving, hands twitching and reaching out, turning over, every single part of his body he can move. Sometimes he is asleep, sometimes fully awake. He still has naps in the day and doesnt seem to do this when he is asleep in the day.

His nursery have commented to me on more than one occasion how very boisterous he is and active compared to the other children and how do I deal with it, I must be exhausted.

Now I have it playing on my mind that this is a sign of him being hyperactive, although he doesnt appear to show any other signs, and generally when he is fully fit (ie. not a snot box, which is rare these days hmm) he seems to be ok.

We do co-sleep, a rod we made for our own backs which we are taking steps to sort out, but because we co-sleep this incessant twitching is really starting to put a strain on all of us and I worry that with his twitching we wont be able to get him into his own bed

Anyone had any experienced of this sleep twitchiness?? could it be the co-sleeping thats making him so movey-abouty??

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