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Hysterical waking during the evenings

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Larkers Mon 30-May-11 10:22:18


I have a wonderful 7 month baby girl who for the last couple of weeks has started waking with hysterical screaming half an hour/ 45mins/ upto an hour after she has gone to sleep at nighttime and it is frightening me that she has become so hysterical.

She has always been a sleep fighter, daytime especially, but she has suffered with silent relux and so despite fighting daytime sleep, and being a minx at bedtime (I used to have to do CC), she has always been great at night and once asleep, that would be it.

As she has got older, she has become a lot more settled, and now takes two naps quite happily, and goes to bed in the evenings happily too. She is put to bed awake, had just started to settle with sucking her fingers, but about 4 weeks ago suffered a horrible cold and became dependant upon the dummy to relax. She now self-settles with the dummy.

But as I said above, she has started to wake in absolute hysterics. I leave her to cry five mins as she has often stirred at around this time but used to self-settle. Not anymore. When I go in I avoid eye contact (her eyes are wide awake), stroke the side of her head with her comforter and pop the dummy back in. 9 times out of 10 she calms down straight away, and I am able to leave her to go back to sleep. But this can happen a few times throughout the evening. Other times she is impossible to calm down (usually making herself sick) and has to be picked up to be winded (I do not believe in picking her up usually). She then is put back in the cot with comforter and dummy and left to settle.

I am so concious of not instilling bad habits. I appreciate the dummy has become a prop, but I do not think that this is the reason she suddenly becomes hysterical. She never stirs for it during a nap. But I can't think what else it would be. I have made sure she is not too hot/ too cold/ that her room is neither too light or too dark, that there is a normal amount of noise in the house. She's been gnawing on things and dribbling for weeks but I cannot feel any teeth under her gums, and during the day she is generally content. She always seems overtired, even if she has a total of 3hrs daytime sleep. Sometimes she only has 2x 30min naps. But she sleeps 7-7 apart from these evening wakings.

I have read about night terrors but would not think that these could be settled with a dummy.

Sorry this is such a long thread but I just wanted to give as much background as poss as I am so worried about her. Should I go to her sooner? Am I doing the wrong thing going to her? All the mums I have spoken to so far have not heard of this as so can't give me advice.

Please advise. Thank you.

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