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Why oh why is my one year old waking every half an hour crying???

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Fumblina Sun 29-May-11 23:05:22

Oh my goodness, I need some sleep.

DD, is away and Granny has been visiting this week. DD (just turned one) is in her cot in my room which happens from time to time with no problems at all. But this week has been an utter nightmare...

She did have a virus, resulting in lost voice and a new tooth through earlier in the week.

Still not eating all that well - have resorted to 'stage one' consistencies, and it does seem to be working. I can't see any more teeth imminent, although can see the shape of the 'eye' teeth under the gums. And her reflux seems to have gotten worse, but still a lot better than the early days (and it never affected her night sleeps then anyway) But she is now waking all night long crying. Tonight, so far it has been every half an hour, last night was every hour. She has been refusing the breast since earlier in the week, but will take a bottle (and even points to one hmm ).

She usually can settle herself and resettle herself at night. Wakes up sort of groaning (bit like a mini dinosaur) but rarely wakes up crying. Had been sleeping through for the last few weeks.

Any ideas what is going on?


sleeplessinderbyshire Sun 29-May-11 23:07:43

I share your pain. My DD did this intermittenntly for months. Usually co-inceds with meajor milestone - is she getting ready to walk?

Fumblina Sun 29-May-11 23:17:49

MONTHS???? shock <- wide eyed with fear!

Nope, no walking. She will happily 'walk' with support forever but doesn't have the balance to stand yet (was a prem)

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