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I don't know what to do.........

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veget8ed Sun 29-May-11 17:49:41

My 12mo is still breastfed and feeds to go to sleep, I have got vasculitis and need to go on medication so have got to stop bfing. DD is not the best at going to sleep and generally stays up til I go to bed, if I try to put her in cot before this she protests loudly. She falls asleep in my bed and then I usually try to get her in her cot, she doesn't sleep through the night and always ends up in bed with us. I've got a few days off after today so wondered if anyone could give me some advice or has anyone a similar experience and what worked for you? Will post on BF bit too.

JoinTheDots Sun 29-May-11 19:23:59

There is a good article by Jay Gordon on this, if you google him and sleep I am sure it will come up, also, No Cry Sleep Solution deals with babies who only fall asleep on the breast. You could read that, but it's more of a slow effect method. You might need something quicker if you need to stop in a hurry.

First thing I would do is check you def have to stop breastfeeding on the meds, docs and pharmacists do not always get it right.

If you do need to stop, look into sleep training methods, decide which suits you and your baby best, and be consistent.

Things to look into would include controlled crying and pick up put down methods.

Hopefully someone who has done it will be along shortly...

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