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reassure me that c.crying will work on my 11 month old ?!

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mousemole Sat 28-May-11 18:55:47

DS 3 has normally only woken once a night for the last few months. Most times he would go back to sleep without any milk. I don't know how, but after a holiday where his sleep got messed up, a bad cold and teething, we are now in a nightly routine of him waking twice and not settling unless he gets milk.
So, he is getting chubby and we are shattered and give he is Ds3 I can't believe we are at this point and that I haven't cracked his sleep yet.
Can anyone reassure me that c.crying does work and how many nights of pain I am in for before he turns a corner ?
Thank you !

Chucklecheeks Sat 28-May-11 19:18:12

I don't think anyone can tell you it will work for your DS, only tellcyou if it did or did not work for them. I did it just over a week ago with my 6mth DS and it worked a treat. I won't lie the first night was awful but since then he has gnu down a dream for naps and in the evening. I hav though not been brave enough to do it if he wakes at night as he is only 6mth and he is still in with us so don't want to wake DH and DD who is in with us too some nights!
He is going in his own room soon so I will update. The majority of people I know who have tried it said the same, hard to do but does work and they have taken between one and seven nights, averaging at two to three.

Good luck if you choose to do it and the only advice I can give is don't stand at the door when they crying, try doing something. I know it's middle of the night but if you are awake any way might as well make a brew or do some washing up.

hope that helps

CC xxxs

mousemole Sat 28-May-11 19:25:18

thanks CC, I like the idea of doing something. A cuppa sounds a nice idea ! 3 nights is's hoping it that rather than 7 ! Good luck with the room move.

MrsHerculePoirot Sat 28-May-11 19:30:03

We were going to try it, but I couldn't face it. I instead watered down the milk I was giving in the night. Every couple of nights I made the bottle with a little bit more water and a bit less milk so I started with 6 oz milk to 2 oz water (ish) then went to 5/3, then to 4/4 and then to 3/5 and finally I think to 2/6 so it was a bit like squash. Whatever you decide to do good luck.

Chucklecheeks Sat 28-May-11 20:23:48

Good luck, I will be watching to see how it goes with night waking


mousemole Tue 31-May-11 08:55:20

c.cheeks - an upate for you.
Night 1 = 1.5hrs of crying starting 3am. went in every 10 minutes and reassured but no picking up.
Night 2= he woke at 5.45am !
Night 3= he woke at 5am

Not perfect yet but heading in the right direction. Next step is to tackle the 5am waking and see if we can get him to go longer.

tifflins Tue 31-May-11 22:41:16

after 8 months of my ds waking during the night every 2\3 hours (and breastfeeding back to sleep) i could take it no more and under the advice from my hv tried controlled crying (was v v scared), but it only took 3 nights of moderate crying, for him to start going from 7pm till 5.30 am ish. woop woop!!! wish i'd done cc alot earlier to be honest...........

bigfatfrankbruno Wed 01-Jun-11 15:07:09

Im an older mum now at 44 found out we were pregnant at 40!!!!!!!! nearly died but the great thing was, i had hindsight, having a 20 year old daughter my eldest was a hungry baby so from the get go i listened to my mum who had 5 kids, and gave baby a rusk in her last feed and it settled her almost immediately, some babies just need a bit more, i know now a days HVs tell you not to do this and that, but listen to your mum or someone with experience, also i never ever told my girls to eat eveything on thier plate it'll stay with them for the rest of there lives and may have weight probs, the best advice i can give is listen to your mum, and your BABY xxxxx

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