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My 10 month old wont go to bed. help!

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carolondon Sat 28-May-11 08:01:57

My 10 month old will not stay in his cot in the evening. I can usually feed him to sleep and put him in then within an hour he is up. From then on he will eventually fall asleep on me or DH but the second he is lowered into the cot will wake up and cry which starts the whole process again.

We then take him to bed with us at the end of the evening and he sleeps fairly well. I am not trying to stop the cosleeping which i quite enjoy but am slowly going mad losing all my evenings. I just want him to sleep in his cot for the first 3 hours.

I really dont want to do cc, does anyone have any alternative that might work?

Greenwing Sat 28-May-11 12:58:29

My DS1 was exactly the same as yours.

Sorry, but controlled crying is the only possibility I can think of. It took me until DS1 was 20 months to do it, when I HAD to as I was 5 months pregnant with DS2.
My husband had to hold me in his arms as we listened to the wailing of our darling tyke-who-had-us-twisted-round-his-little-finger.
It took precisely four days for him to settle alone without a big fuss!
And he stopped waking us up in the night, every night, at the same time.

Needless to say I did it a LOT sooner with DS2 and the other three that followed. It truly is being cruel to be kind as it stops the child from feeling insecure when left alone.
Good luck. I hope you pluck up the courage sooner than we did!

Iggly Sat 28-May-11 13:14:51

Can you try teaching him to self settle so he knows where he's fallen asleep? Also does he have a comforter? And foes he sleep on his front or back.

From experience, I lfound that ifs easier to put a sleeping baby down on their front (once past the riskiest age of course). Plus with DS ii put him down drowsy and patted to sleep then worked up to putting down after feed awake (not always). It can take a few weeks but consistency is key - stick to his cot. Make it welcoming for him - comforter for example. Also try white noise on a low volume as it might be too quiet (I have the radio on if DH goes away and it's just me!). Just keep trying and you'll get there.

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