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will only sleep in my!

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barbiebostock Tue 24-May-11 23:00:12

My 8 month DS used to sleep fairly well at night (but has always fought his day naps), but recently has been waking every couple of hours and will only fall back to sleep when being held by me or my DH. When we think he is fast asleep we try and put him back in his cot or on the bed next to us, but he immediately wakes up screaming and we can't seem to settle him unless we pick him up again.
So far we've tried all sorts.... pitch black, night light, silence, white noise, calpol, anbesol etc etc. I was reccommended medised, but this is now only available for 6years plus, and the dreammover (a 'rocking' device which can be put under a pram car seat etc and keeps it constantly moving - although i'm not sure if this could be used under a cot mattress!?)
My DS has been crawling and standing for around 6 weeks and i think things have become worse since then.
Anyone else having similar problems or can offer and advice (i'm not expecting miracle cures, but anything is worth a try - other than cc as i can't stomach it i'm afraid!)

exhausted123 Wed 25-May-11 12:50:37

I have a 6 month old exactly the same and hes always been like that since birth. He's a handful and fights sleep (day & night) its hard work. He would happily sleep in my arms all night but i cant sleep this way. He has a good routine and goes to sleep 8ish each night after his bottle (after falling asleep in my arms then has to be transferred to cot). After 12/1 seems to wake up every hr on the hr and sometimes every 20 mins its exhausting. He only sleeps 40 mins in the morning and 40 mins in the afternoon and needs constant entertainment! He will not put himself to sleep in his cot. Ive tried cc but he gets into a state so havent bothered since (im too soft maybe!)

barbiebostock Sat 28-May-11 19:43:33

Although I do feel so sorry for you, Its nice to know that i'm not the only one. My DS needs constant entertainment too, he's never sat still and is always on the go. I've tried to do 'quiet time' before bed hoping it would help, but it lasts only a matter of seconds! For the last few nights i've let him fall asleep in my arms and the 'rolled' him onto the bed next to me. |This is the best compramise i've found so far.
I hope you manage to get some sleep soon.

nethunsreject Sat 28-May-11 19:48:21

oh yep, ds2 was like this. still is at times hmm

'No cry sleep solution' is worth a go? very gradual sleep encouragement thingy. go at you and baby's own pace. good book.

fwiw, there is a big sleep regression at 8/9 mths, so things might improve anyway. <hopeful>

barbiebostock Sat 28-May-11 21:34:16

not heard of the 'no cry sleep solution' but i'm definately going to look it up.

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