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Sleep,teeth,our bed-some advice needed please

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Welshmum Thu 02-Oct-03 10:28:40

Any advice on this one. DD is 17 months and normally a good sleeper (7pm until 6.30ish with no yelling imbetween)However when she's teething she wakes up unhappy and we usually end up giving some Calpol and putting her in our bed. She associates our bed with playtime though not sleep so wriggles and chats and gets unhappy with tiredness - was awake for 2 1/2 hours last night. Should I be stronger and leave her to yell in her own cot - or does she needs comforting - never seems that unhappy once she's in our room. I've got at least 8 more teeth to go though.....any help appreciated.

Sonnet Thu 02-Oct-03 10:38:36

Think i might be tempted to leave her in her own cot and see what happens.
DD2 - usually very good sleeper, except if she gets overtired like last night, then she is very restless. I must admit I put her in with us last night at 1pm - and all three of us got a goodnights sleep we wouldn't have had otherwise....

twiglett Thu 02-Oct-03 11:00:46

message withdrawn

Welshmum Thu 02-Oct-03 11:16:32

That's my inclination too twiglett but then she yells because she's seen us and we've gone away and her teeth hurt. I don't mind leaving herusually but it's so much harder if I think she's in pain. Am I being weak and pathetic? Do you leave yours - do they stop after a while? It's the 'mummy...mummy' I can't bear.

aloha Thu 02-Oct-03 11:51:40

Agree 100% with Twiglett. She doesn't sleep in your bed, she gets 'unhappy' with lack of who does it benefit to have her in your bed. The Calpol will deal with the pain, she'll be much happier for having a night's sleep and you will be too. If she's tired, she will go back to sleep, probably much quicker than you imagine. She needs her sleep for health, happiness and growth. It's not kind to put her in a position where she can't easily sleep - at least that's my view! If my ds wakes up in pain I give Calpol and calgel, a big cuddle in the dark and then into bed. He goes off to sleep really fast. Our ds is exactly like yours, if we bring him into bed he never, ever goes to sleep, just writhes, pokes us in the eye and bops us on the nose. BTW, if she's cheerful in your bed, you can bet she's only mildly uncomfortable with her teeth, not in agony. Babies in agony let you know about it!

LIZS Thu 02-Oct-03 12:10:41

I too wonder if you'd be better off using a local anaesthetic gel like Calgel or Dentinox to ease the discomfort whilst the Calpol kicks in and putting her back in her cot. Our dd went through a phase at just over a year of waking due to teeth/eczema and would also like sitting in our bed during the night. After a few nights of this we would do what we could and then replace her in her cot, as I am particularly useless on lack of sleep. Now she can demand cuddles in the night (just over 2) and will let rip if she doesn't get her own way, but best to avoid creating a habit of it imo, especially if it doesn't seem to solve the problem anyway.

Welshmum Thu 02-Oct-03 13:47:35

Ladies you have stiffened my resolve. Thanks for advice I feel much better equipped to deal with it now.

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