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What time does your baby get up in the morning?

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maswera Tue 19-Apr-11 15:51:11

By 'get up' I mean wake up for the day - as opposed to wake up, feed & go back to sleep.

Until about 12 weeks DS would go to sleep around the same time as us (between 10 & 12pm), feed during the night, but keep going back to sleep after feeds until about 9am. Which was great for me as I could get plenty of sleep, albeit broken.

A few weeks ago (he's nearly 17 weeks now) he started going to sleep for the night at around 8pm and will wake up full of beans at 6am - sometimes 5.30 <bleary>. So after thinking that the first few months would be the hardest & sleep deprived, it turns out that was the easy bit, and I am now spending the day half asleep

Do they start waking up later as they get older? <hopeful>

InvaderZim Tue 19-Apr-11 16:13:34

Sounds like my life (26 weeks)! I'm thinking it's unlikely to get better, at least in the summer. yawn

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 19-Apr-11 16:17:18

DD is 12months and wakes usually between 0730 and 0830 - goes to bed 2000 to 2100 roughly.

EdwardorEricCantDecide Tue 19-Apr-11 16:19:59

DS goes to bed at 8pm wakes at 6am he's 2yo when he was small baby used to wake at 5am always had the same bedtime

jazzandh Tue 19-Apr-11 16:38:55

Mine (25 weeks) is in bed 7 - 7.30pm and wakes between 5am (this morning) and 6.30am. I am hoping that this is a phase and it will get a little later, although his older brother has rarely slept beyond 6.30am.

In my world 6am onwards is acceptable...!

I would love a child free lie in - but I can't see it happening anytime soon!

Bandersnatch Tue 19-Apr-11 18:38:56

13 months here and asleep at 7, up between 5.30 and 6.30, though the latter is a treat! To be honest, I'm just grateful he is sleeping through.. We've adjusted our days so evenings are purely relaxing and very early bed, and all boring household stuff gets done at the crack of dawn! Still hoping that one day DS might believe that 7am was a nice time to greet the day..

ellabella2 Tue 19-Apr-11 19:24:26

DS 27 weeks goes to bed at 7pm and was waking between 6.30 - 7.30am until this week. He has now decided that after his early morning feed anywhere between 3.30am (this morning sad) and 5am he will no longer go back to sleep like he had been doing.

Joining the sleep deprived mums up before the crack of dawn smile

Marmitecheese Tue 19-Apr-11 21:30:30

DD 8 months, bed 7-7.30pm, up for the day anytime from 6.15am-7.15am. 1-2 nights feeds.

DuelingFanjo Tue 19-Apr-11 21:39:00

I have a 17 week old and he's gone from getting up at 9am ish to getting up at 7am.

I am absolutely with you on the tiredness thing. I got him to sleep at 8 pm tonight and am just about to go to bet to try to get as much sleep in as possible as he will wake at 2 am and 4 am.

Are you getting a whole night's sleep or being woken? I think my DS is going through a growth spurt but am hoping he might settle into an 8pm - 7am pattern with maybe one feed somewhere in he middle.

shmoz Tue 19-Apr-11 21:47:00

OP: Pray, what is this started going to sleep for the night that you refer to??? shock confused envy

<will I ever sleep for more than 3 hours again? emoticon>

Flisspaps Tue 19-Apr-11 21:53:33

6.30am - 7.30am.

She goes to sleep at 6.45pm, and wakes twice during the night, maybe three times (9.30pm ish, 1am, 4am)

She's 13mo.

maswera Wed 20-Apr-11 06:57:12

Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't have asked here - I guess this is where all the sleep deprived people hang out...!

I guess I need to think myself lucky for him sleeping through till 5.30am, as by the sounds of it, that ain't too bad...

shock <== a yawn

TopCatInBoots Wed 20-Apr-11 06:59:41

13 month DS.

Bed at 7pm.

Up at 7am during the week

Up at 6am at weekends confused


IMissSleep Wed 20-Apr-11 08:25:53

Same as Marmitecheese

Today He woke me up at 5:30am! But usually its bedtime at 7:30pm, feed at 11pm and 4am. Up for the day at 7:30am.

MarshaBrady Wed 20-Apr-11 08:27:26

Cor blimey Topcat how do they know! grin

Ds2 has only just got better at sleeping, he is 16 momths. It has been hellish but one saving grace is he doesn't wake before 7am. Usually later.

Flippingebay Wed 20-Apr-11 08:27:29

my DD is 3 and still gets up at 5.45am EVERY morning (yawn) and has done since she was about 3 months old.

haudyerwheesht Wed 20-Apr-11 08:40:30

Dd is almost 7m and until recently slept 7-730 but now gets up at 6am. Ds gets up then so its no different for me really.

matana Wed 20-Apr-11 11:20:34

Bed between 7 and 8pm depending on last nap, up between 6 and 7.30am. He's 21 weeks. I've started leaving him to babble if he wakes at 6 and have discovered that he goes back to sleep for another hour or so. Obviously if he cries i feed him.

Csimms Wed 20-Apr-11 11:26:29

My DS is 9 1/2 months and goes to bed between 7-8pm. He usually wakes anytime from 4.30am onwards. Can usually persuade him to go back to sleep until I have to get up at 6.15am. Sometimes he is hungry, so I give him a bottle. Would love it if he slept till 7am, but I guess he is an early bird. :-)

narmada Thu 21-Apr-11 12:00:34

DS 6 months is up for the day at around 6.30, in bed of an evening from 7.30 pm with maybe a couple of wakes. This is novel, as he's only recently started sleeping in the evening. For a while we had no evening and 6.30 am wakes. I'll take the free evening and the early morning any time.

ShushBaby Thu 21-Apr-11 13:44:30

14 month old goes to sleep at 7pm and wakes any time between 5.15am (bad day) and 6.15am (rare and amazing day!).
I cope with the early mornings by going to bed earlier. I figure she won't be waking me at 5.30am when she's nine or ten! (She had better not be smile).

Honestly, I think at your ds's age you are very lucky that he sleeps through. Not saying that you shouldn't complain or feel tired, but believe me, your DS sleeps miles better than all the babies I knew at that age. Amazing that he doesn't even have a night feed.

I can also pretty much guarantee that his sleep will go haywire on and off over the next few months (he's a baby after all!)- there are sleep regressions and teething to come- so to avoid frustration and accept the rough with the smooth, you might need to adjust your expectations a little.

Others may disagree and claim that babies should be going from 7pm-7am from three months or whatever- and I feel there is a pressure to 'achieve' this- but that is not the experience of practically every mum I've met.

HTH and is does not come across as narky!

shmoz Thu 21-Apr-11 16:59:51

I agree about the pressure thing - I am constantly asked as to whether 5mo DS is going through the night, and am getting a bit fucked off with the hmm faces together with the ''oh perhaps this ebf doesn't suit him'', and ''ooh why dont you try and fill him up with baby rice or formula at night as he must be hungry''...grrrrrrr

ShushBaby Thu 21-Apr-11 17:44:59

I know! Have people forgotten they are babies? It's what they are famous for!

Sorry for thread hijack op, just had to chime in again!

llmills Thu 21-Apr-11 21:21:06

12 Month old sleeps through 1 or 2 mights a month! Takes a while to go down at about 8.30, and generally wakes inconsistently. We don't even bother going to sleep until after 1am when he is more settled... oh and then he and is 29 month old sis get up between 5.30 - 6.00.

I feel constantly busted, but it is amazing how well the body readjusts with 4/5 hours sleep a day.

They will grow out of it... one day - I'm sure!

BsshBossh Tue 26-Apr-11 13:19:44

At your DC's age, my DD was waking any time from 5am, this shifted closer to 6am by 12 months and then, once teething was over around 2yo then closer to 7am which it remains to this day (2.9yo). Always a 7pm-ish bedtime (yes, even as a newborn, even if she woke up again two hours later, 7pm was always night time and treated that way).

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