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nap and snack, nap and snack help!!!!!! when will baby feed and sleep for longer

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mottie Sun 21-Sep-03 13:26:12

Baby is 8 weeks old and doesn't sleep for longer than an hour at a time doesn't feed for longer than 10 mins help!

lucy123 Sun 21-Sep-03 13:41:20

Eeek, you poor thing!

Hopefully one of the midwives / breastfeeding counsellors will see this. In the meantime, I take it you are breastfeeding? Is the 10 minutes just on one side or on both? (if both might be worth trying one-side only feeds, which is what I was advised to do). Are there any other problems? (i.e. is baby not sleeping for some reason other than being hungry, or is there anything that might suggest indigestion etc)?

mottie Sun 21-Sep-03 13:45:05

im posting this message for a friend she is having a terrible time luckily I have 3 month old who is sleeping ok! thanks any advice will be great!

mottie Sun 21-Sep-03 13:46:58

she is breast feeding i think from one side only at a time she has also tried formula but baby still falls asleep during feed then wakes up 20 mins later for bit more feed.

lucy123 Sun 21-Sep-03 13:51:34

aah. I remember dd falling asleep during a feed.

In that case it may just be that this baby has a v small stomach! No advice, just best wishes for your friend!

(plus this message will keep this post high in the "recent conversations" page! )

Jasmum Sun 21-Sep-03 13:55:51

I had exactly the same with my DD, it's a ngihtmare & very very tough. I resorted to bottle feeding after 3 weeks, it didn't really change much, except it did mean someone else could feed her. Other friends with more endurance then me perservered & they do eventually take more & more at each feed. Other then stringing the baby out by say 5-10 mins at a time, following GF which I did I don't know how to help. But she has my sympathy I know how hard it is.
One thing I used to do when I was up in the night feeding was think about all the other mum's around the world who are so exhausted sitting there trying to stay awake & hoping & praying that this little bundle of joy will eventually need to sleep for longer then 10 minutes & wondering if you'll ever feel normal again.

mottie Sat 22-Nov-03 16:28:05

trying to post a message this is a test

SusannaLH Sat 22-Nov-03 23:17:34

My dd (now 19 weeks) did exactly the same thing when she was 2 or 3 weeks old (I forget which). It will get better, and soon. I just can't say when exactly because brain addled now. Only to say that by about 4 weeks at the latest dd was in broadly 3 hourly feeding routine with a comfort suck here and there for good measure if crabby (if in doubt whip it out ). NCT b'ffeding helpline very kind (as I sobbed down the line, hormones raging) but time the only solution really.

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