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Baby screaming with chicken pox, no idea how to get her to sleep!

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Bumperlicious Wed 09-Mar-11 01:18:23

Any tips? 6 month old dd2 has chicken pox, this is the second night. No idea how to get her to sleep, she is so uncomfortable. She's had a bath, calomine in aqueous cream. Dh took her for a drive and she slept two hours but no idea how to get her down again. We don't co sleep but have been feeding her to sleep int bed but she won't stay asleep. Help!

AitchTwoOh Wed 09-Mar-11 01:22:03

can you give a six month old piriton? and you could consider double dosing nurofen and calpol, i'm not sure how to do that but i've seen people on here talk about it.

AitchTwoOh Wed 09-Mar-11 01:23:07

can you give a six month old piriton? and you could consider double dosing nurofen and calpol, i'm not sure how to do that but i've seen people on here talk about it.

Bumperlicious Wed 09-Mar-11 01:26:22

She's a week off 6 months and when I spoke to the gp this morning he said not but it wasn't so bad then. Tried giving her calpol and ibuprofen but she will barely swallow them, just spits back out. She is currently in her hammock with a mobile on, quiet but not asleep.

The spots are worst on her head and back. I tried sticking her on her front (in my bed not hammock) but she didn't like that.

AitchTwoOh Wed 09-Mar-11 01:48:39

she might have them in her throat as well, poor lamb. your call on the piriton, i fear.

expatinscotland Wed 09-Mar-11 01:50:51

How about white noise? May this help?

How about your husband sleep for 4 hours, set the alarm, and you walk round with her in a sling, and then he take over?

I know this is hard, but am not a medical professional, so don't feel comfortable telling you to give her anything but Calpol or Nurofen.

Have been there myself, though, three times! Not with chicken pox, but other things.

expatinscotland Wed 09-Mar-11 01:52:42

Or a swing?

Or put the washing machine on and sit against it.

Sorry, just pulling everything out the hat, as my third, a son, is only comforted by someone holding him even now he is 2.4.

My girls would be by hoovers, washing machines, swings, etc.

But him only by being held. And even now, he does not sleep consistently through the night.

bebemooneedsabreak Wed 09-Mar-11 01:53:37

Poor you guys. Aqueous cream from the fridge (cooled) can help. have you tried taking her clothes off, wrapping her in just a soft blanket (turning the heat up a bit if you need to)? If they're very irritated it might help too.
Does she settle if held? Maybe get yourself in a comfortable, safe position in bed on the couch and try holding her. (i had to do this with mine- belly to belly)

Bumperlicious Wed 09-Mar-11 03:57:11

Thanks for the messages and tips. I managed to get her off by feeding her to sleep sort of across my stomach, head nestled in the crook of my arm propped on a pillow.

She's just woken and we've swapped sides. Am just waiting to be able to remove my nipple from her mouth as I don't want her sleeping while chewing on the end of it! I'm getting pummelled with her exposed hand!

Dh will help out when he can. He was the one who spent a few nights in with dd1 when she had it two weeks ago, but I think the comfort of the boob is going to land this one in my court. He's only working till 12 tomorrow though so I can catch up on some zzzzz's then.

I'm starving! I have a mint kit kat on my bedside table just two foot away but can't move!

thebellsofsaintclements Wed 09-Mar-11 04:43:34

Hang in there! I'm in the same boat with my 3.5 month old. He's got chicken pox and the only thing that makes him sleep is me pacing up and down the house holding him. The only thing that keeps me sane is the sleeping in shifts thing that ex-pat suggested - i''m on the 3-9am shift atm

Bumperlicious Wed 09-Mar-11 05:26:05

Sorry you are suffering too thebells.

I've taken dd out for a drive. We are currently at mcdonalds drive through! She doesn't like us being stationary though.

Bumperlicious Wed 09-Mar-11 05:26:10

Sorry you are suffering too thebells.

I've taken dd out for a drive. We are currently at mcdonalds drive through! She doesn't like us being stationary though.

JudysDreamHorse Wed 09-Mar-11 06:53:51

Maybe get a different cream from aqueous cream. When I was last at the dr with ds's eczema I was told it was no longer recommended as it irritates a large percentage of babies and children (I've got a thread about it in allergies). I've been using epaderm instead which is meant to be milder. Hope you were both ok last night

petitdonkey Wed 09-Mar-11 06:59:49

There is a product called Poxclin which you can get at Boots. It is amazing and stops all of the itching - don't know if that would help.

Poor you and poor baby sad

Bumperlicious Wed 09-Mar-11 07:11:37

Thanks for the tips. Will get the poxclin today. So went for a drive, baby slept. Just got back and tried to pump a bit so dh could feed her later and the bottom fell off my pump spilling all yesterday's milk, about 5oz <sob>

fromheretomaternity Wed 09-Mar-11 07:28:43

You can get calpol that is given as a suppository - ask the chemist. Not as hard to use as it sounds, works quicker and can't be spat out (though I suppose if they do a huge poo soon after it might pop out!).

pooka Wed 09-Mar-11 07:43:06

If you put a cup of porridge oats in a muslin and secure with a rubber band, put in the bath/under taps when you run it, it's really soothing. Then at end of bath squeeze the gunk from the muslin over the skin.

Adding a tablespoon of bicarb to a bath can help dry up spots.

I know she's only 6 months, but ice lollies or ice cubes crushed might soothe her mouth.

So sorry for you - she's so young

Bumperlicious Wed 09-Mar-11 07:51:36

We did a bath at 9pm last night with oats and bicarb.

Didn't know about the suppository. Is it painful for them? She is back asleep now and dh is taking dd1 into work so going to try and sleep.

I was going to suggest the bicarb bath. Also make sure none of her clothes have seams that are rubbing? I can remember having chickenpox myself and my mum putting me in a t-shirt of hers turned inside out :-)

Good luck and I hope things improve soon

DietCokeRules Wed 09-Mar-11 08:08:21

When DD1 was 6mths she had an allergic reaction and the drs allowed me to give her 2.5ml of Piriton - could u check with your dr on the phone to confirm the dose?

MmeLindt Wed 09-Mar-11 08:09:37

Ask the chemist for paracetemol suppositories. You might be able to get ibuprofen too - would that work better for chicken pox?

They don't hurt. Put a bit of vaseline on the end, or warm them (in the package) in your hand then slide in gently.

Poor baby, hope she is better soon.

colditz Wed 09-Mar-11 08:09:48

My doctor said to give Ds2 nurofen when he was 5 months old, as the swelling on the rash is very painful on a baby's skin. It did help.

Bumperlicious Wed 09-Mar-11 19:05:12

Thanks for all your messages. Gp has said we can give her a small dose of piriton. Going to wait till she goes down for the night, but managed to get most of a dose of calpol down with a syringe.

Here's hoping for a better night.

olive07 Wed 09-Mar-11 19:11:12

phenagan is very good, you will need a prescription if under two, but its brilliant antihistimine and will make her sleep.

merryberry Wed 09-Mar-11 19:19:30

i did coolish baths with oat water every 4-5 hours for my youngest when he had chicken pox. i think it encourages the pox to blister and cleans off any random virus, which tends to reduce itching. also the coolness gives a brief release from heated itching. hope she gets well soon.

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