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Toddler waking in night

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angelbabe1982 Sun 16-Jan-11 09:02:51

Hi all. Was wondering if anyone could shed light on why my previous good sleeper (13.5hrs!) is now waking in the night and again super early.
He is 2.11 and DC2 is due on 19/3 and DS is starting pre-school in April. My DH & I are pretty sure its a combination reaction to new baby coming and him going to nursery.
Any idea how to get him to sleep through again?

Chil1234 Sun 16-Jan-11 09:19:22

I don't think it's all that unusual for a toddler (or an adult for that matter) to wake in the night... sleep cycles through light and deep periods and sometimes 'light' turns into 'awake' - especially if you've got something on your mind. The trick is for them to turn over and go back to sleep rather than wake up mum and dad!! Does he have a clock in his room? I found explaining that if the little finger was past -here- it was OK to wake mum.... before that, only OK if there was a problem.

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