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BF to sleep and co-sleeping still for naps... is this a 'problem'??

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Scarlett175 Sat 15-Jan-11 09:50:31

to set the scene DD is coming up to 9 months and has been a tricky sleeper until she was 6 months, and so I have always done whatever to get the most sleep (sling/co-slept for 2 months, BF to sleep)

since 6 months DH took over bed time routine, and wether it was this or her age, she started to sleep through in cot 7-7ish.

But for naps she is still tricky, DH or me cannot settle in cot, and end up spending 40 mins + settling/calming her and invariably giving up.In car/pushchair she will nap, but if we are home , I would end up BF to sleep, and we would lie together in bed for a nap, and we are still doing this. She naps less now, but we still do this for 40 mins in morning/and afternoon and she sleeps 12-13 hours at night, and to be honest I love it (and loved co-sleeping, we stopped as DH wanted our bed and time back).

BUT with nursery approaching (in 2 months) guess I am thinking about winding down BF (she has 2 formula feeds already) and thinking about HOW will she sleep at nursery. When looking round I have asked how they get all the bubs to sleep, and explained she is a bit tricky but this is something I am really worried about.

puffylovett Sat 15-Jan-11 09:54:59

Its only a problem if its a problem to you.

You will find that nursery will have plenty of tricks to get her to sleep - buggy, rocked off in a chair, patted off on a mat. They settle differently for different carers - I worried about this with my eldest, but both nursery and my mum were able to get him to sleep fairly easily and my youngest goes straight off to sleep for my mum now. You carry on enjoying your co sleeping nap cuddles

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